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e-Permitting General Information

The e-Permitting section contains the following information:

About e-Permitting

E-permitting is electronic permitting. We plan to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the RCRA permitting program by assisting states that are investing in e-permitting systems, working with states to pilot RCRA e-permitting approaches, developing RCRA e-permitting tools, and facilitating the sharing of permit information with the public. This covers permitting activities from providing guidance and preparing applications to issuing permits and compliance reporting.

Potential Benefits

Recent advances in the electronic storage and transmission of information could benefit the RCRA permitting program.  These benefits could come from:  reduced paperwork, improved public participation, improved efficiency, better permit status tracking, improved compliance reporting, better data accuracy, improved technical assistance, and a more accessible permitting process.

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EPA RCRA e-Permitting Project

We are examining the possibilities for e-permitting in the RCRA program.  As a first step we evaluated existing state e-permitting systems to better understand system capabilities and implementation issues. We recently developed requirements for RCRA e-permitting software.

RCRA-regulated entities will be able to request a RCRA EPA ID number for new facilities, or supply revisions to their Notification of Regulated Waste Activity submissions - via the EPA's Central Data Exchange (CDX) web site - through an application known as the RCRA Site Identification Form. You may e-mail (rcracdx_support@bah.com) with comments about the RCRA Site Identification Form.

We are also looking at using CDX to allow facilities to file their RCRA Part A permit forms. If you wish to apply for a RCRA hazardous waste permit you must submit a hard copy (PDF) (46 pp, 866K, About PDF) of the RCRA forms.

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RCRA e-Permitting Requirements

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E-Permitting Meeting Summaries

A Meeting to investigate state needs and the status of e-permitting related projects was held July 25, 2002. The meeting also helped identify near-term projects and priorities for the EPA RCRA e-permitting team. Meeting Summary (PDF) (9 pp, 21K, About PDF)

A meeting to incorporate industry and non-governmental organizations concerns with e-permitting was held October 30, 2002. Meeting Summary (PDF) (8 pp, 20K, About PDF)

Send comments to Tab Tesnau (tesnau.tab@epa.gov)

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