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Standardized Permit Rule


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The EPA is standardizing the federal hazardous waste permitting process by simplifying certain administrative procedures, and permit renewal and modification processes. The new streamlined system reduces paperwork and saves states and industry more than $3 million a year while maintaining stringent hazardous waste management requirements.

Fact Sheet: Hazardous Waste Permitting Process Standardized || PDF (2 pp, 13K)

Federal Register Notice (PDF) (59 pp, 304K) - September 8, 2005

The support materials for this rule and the public comments EPA received on the proposal are available for public review online, as explained below.

To use the Regulations.gov:

  1. Select Docket Search.
  2. Select "Environmental Protection Agency" from the Agency drop-down menu.
  3. In the Docket ID box, type in the docket number — EPA-HQ-RCRA-2001-0029 and press the "Submit" button to receive search results. Be patient; loading the documents takes time.

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Proposed Rule - October 12, 2001


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing revisions to the RCRA hazardous waste permitting program to allow a "standardized permit." The standardized permit would be available to facilities that generate hazardous waste and then manage the waste in units such as tanks, containers, and containment buildings.

This proposed revision to the RCRA permitting program reflects one of the recommendations of EPA's special task force, known as the Permits Improvement Team (PIT), which was convened to evaluate permitting activities and to make specific recommendations to improve these activities. The standardized permit should streamline the permit process by allowing facilities to obtain and modify permits more easily while maintaining the protectiveness currently existing in the individual RCRA permit process.

In addition to the requirements proposed in this Federal Register notice, we also are soliciting comment on two issues related to RCRA treatment, storage, and disposal facilities. We are requesting comment on:

  1. How all facilities receiving permits (standardized, individual, and permits by rule) can satisfy RCRA corrective action requirements by conducting cleanup under the
    direction of appropriate alternative state cleanup programs; and
  2. Conclusions about captive insurance in a March, 2001 report by EPA’s Inspector General and a requirement that insurers that provide financial assurance for hazardous waste and PCB facilities have a minimum rating from commercial rating services.

Federal Register Notice (PDF) - (77 pp, 366K) October 12, 2001

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