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Natural Disaster Resources

Planning for Natural Disaster Debris (PDF) (94 pp, 1.9MB)
US Environmental Protection Agency, March 2008
Designed for local communities (including cities, counties, and tribes), this document encourages communities to create disaster debris management plans.

Planning for Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB)-Containing Debris (PDF) (33 pp, 439K)
US Environmental Protection Agency, June 2011
This document provides suggestions to local emergency planning committees and local governments on planning for the management of damaged PCB-containing electrical equipment and materials contaminated with PCBs as a result of PCB spills or other environmental releases during an emergency situation caused by a natural disaster. In addition, for emergency responders, the document describes TSCA regulations that apply to damaged PCB-containing electrical equipment and the approaches under TSCA to assess, clean up, and dispose of materials contaminated with PCBs that have been spilled or otherwise released.

Suite of Disaster Debris Management and Disposal (DDMD) Decision Support Tools Exit EPA
US Environmental Protection Agency
This is a password-restricted website with information on various disposal options related to specific chemicals and waste streams. Specifically, there are Decision Support Tools for the following topics: Building Decontamination Residue Disposal; Decontamination Wastewater Disposal; Water System Materials Disposal; Agriculture Biomass Disposal; Natural Disaster Debris Disposal; and Radiological Dispersal Device Debris Disposal.

Public Assistance Debris Management Guide (PDF) (260 pp, 15MB)
US Federal Emergency Management Agency, July 2007
This document provides a summary of the eligibility criteria for FEMA's Public Assistance Program for debris removal operations and guidance on developing a debris management plan.

Demolition Debris Guidance on the Management of Debris Resulting from Natural Disasters or Planned Demolition Activities (PDF) (2 pp, 39K) Exit EPA
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, State of Wisconsin, September 2007
This fact sheet provides information on the disposal methods of typical types of waste generated from both natural disasters and planned demolition activities.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Debris Management: Lessons Learned from State and Local Governments (PDF) (35 pp, 979K) Exit EPA
Solid Waste Association of North America, September 2005
This report summarizes the responses received from members of the Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), as well as other referenced documents, regarding the management of disaster debris.

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