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Publications By Topic - Land Disposal Restrictions (LDRs)

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The following products are also available online:

Application of the Phase IV Land Disposal Restrictions to Contaminated Media: Costs, Cost Savings, and Economic Impacts; Proposed Rule (PDF) (127 pp, 379K)
Background Document for Capacity Analysis for Land Disposal Restrictions Phase IV (Second Supplement): Toxicity Characteristic Metal Wastes and Newly Identified Mineral Processing Wastes; Proposed
Background Document for Land Disposal Restrictions – Wood Preserving Wastes (Final Rule, April 1997): Capacity Analysis and Response to Capacity-Related Comments
Economic Impact Assessment of the Phase IV Land Disposal Restrictions Final Rule on Newly Identified Wood Preserving Hazardous Wastes Contaminated Media at Inactive and Abandoned Wood Preserving Sites (PDF) (12 pp, 289K)
Environmental Fact Sheet: Deferral of Phase IV Standards for PCBs as an Underlying Hazardous Constituent in Soil (Text file) (5K)
Environmental Fact Sheet: Request for Comments: EPA Announces In-Depth Review of the Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) Program (PDF) (3 pp, 14.6K) | Text Version (text file) (8K)
Environmental Fact Sheet: Treatment Standards Finalized for Wood Preserving Wastes; Less Paperwork Required under Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR) Program (Text file) (4K)
Land Disposal Restrictions for Hazardous Wastes: A Snapshot of the Program (PDF) (4 pp, 344K)
Land Disposal Restrictions: Summary of Requirements (PDF) (119 pp, 904K)
RCRA Policy Statement: Clarification of the Land Disposal Restrictions' Dilution Prohibition and Combustion of Inorganic Metal-Bearing Hazardous Wastes (Text file) (15K)
Regulatory Impact Analysis of the Final Phase IV Land Disposal Restrictions Final Rule for Newly Identified Wood Preserving Wastes (PDF) (29 pp, 103K)
Response to Comments Document for Land Disposal Restrictions Phase IV: Treatment Standards for Wood Preserving Wastes, Paperwork Reduction and Streamlining, Exemptions From RCRA for Certain Processed Materials, and Miscellaneous Hazardous Waste Provisions; Final Rule
Response to Comments Document; Land Disposal Restrictions Phase IV: Final Rule Promulgating Treatment Standards for Metal Wastes and Mineral Processing Wastes; Mineral Processing Secondary Materials and Bevill Exclusion Issues; Treatment Standards for Hazardous Soils; and Exclusion of Recycled Wood Preserving Wastewaters

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