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Source Reduction: A Basic Solution

a pie chart showing trash a capital green letter A with a yellow cats paw printcross the country, many individuals, communities, and businesses have found creative ways to reduce and better manage their trash through a coordinated mix of practices that includes source reduction. (See Integrated Waste Management).

Simply put, source reduction is waste prevention. It includes many actions that reduce the overall amount or toxicity of waste created. Source reduction can conserve resources, reduce pollution, and help cut waste disposal and handling costs (it avoids the costs of recycling, composting, landfilling, and combustion).

Source reduction is a basic solution to the garbage glut: less waste means less of a waste problem. Because source reduction actually prevents the generation of waste in the first place, it comes before other a yellow cats paw printmanagement options that deal with trash after it is already generated. After source reduction, recycling (and composting) are the preferred waste management options because they reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and conserve resources.

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