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Resources for Recycling Electronics

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Electronics Donation and Recycling

Find out where you can drop off or mail in your electronics.

Infographic: Secret Life of a Smart Phone

Geared towards 6th to 8th graders, this educational poster shows the life cycle of a cell phone from obtaining raw materials through manufacture, packaging, distribution, useful life, and disposal. It explains the importance of life cycle management and encourages reuse and recycling. The poster also contains games and activities.

Recycle Your Unwanted Cell Phones: Green Tips | en Español

EPA podcast on the importance of cell phone recycling.

Lifecycle of a DVD (PDF) (2pp, 412.9k, about PDF)

Follow the life cycle of a CD or DVD on thisposter to learn more about how these productsare made and how you can help reduce theirenvironmental impacts.

Earth 911 Exit EPA

Type in your zip code to find your nearest recycling facility and what materials they collect for recycling.

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