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Going Green With Technology

  • Make your printer environmentally-friendly. Change your printer settings to make double-sided pages. Use small point-sizes when possible and choose the "fast draft" option included in most word processors after you select the "print" option. "Fast draft" uses less ink, leading to fewer cartridges.
  • Pay your bills via e-billing programs when possible. Though there are still some paper records, these programs generate less than traditional paper correspondence.
  • Instead of printing hard copies of documents needed for work, save them to a disk or e-mail them to your own Web e-mail account.
  • When purchasing new electronics, consider a leasing program that includes proper reuse and recycling.
  • Donate or recycle your old electronics.

Eco-Friendly Office Supplies

  • Use paperclips instead of staples when possible.
  • Keep plenty of scrap paper handy. Use the back side of old documents for low priority prints like driving directions or movie times.
  • Purchase recycled paper and keep a recycle bin handy.
  • Reuse envelopes that have metal clasps.
  • Reuse file folders by sticking a new label over the old one, or folding the file in the reverse direction.
  • Purchase refillable tape dispensers.
  • Erase and reformat computer disks rather than purchasing new ones or disposing of old ones.
  • Use a customized rubber stamp for envelopes instead of disposable labels.

Taking Care of the Environment

  • Take public transportation to work. But, if you do drive, carpool with a friend (or two). Both help prevent wasted fuel, reduce air pollution, and decrease traffic in your community.

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