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Tribal program contacts provide useful, up-to-date information about building waste management capacity, developing tribal infrastructure, realizing economic sustainability for tribal waste programs, and forging partnerships for waste management among tribes, states, local governments, and federal agencies.

Regional Tribal Program Coordinators

EPA has ten regional offices, each of which coordinates tribal programs within their respective regions. The Regional Tribal Program Coordinators are your first point of contact for many services, including support for many solid waste management grants. To find the contact person for your region, click on your location on the map, or find the appropriate listing according to region number, in the table below. Regional contacts are listed for the municipal solid waste (MSW) and the hazardous waste (HW) programs.

EPA Region Websites and Waste Programs

Map of the US, split into EPA regions Region 1: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont Region 2: New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands Region 3: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia Region 4: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee Region 5: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin Region 6: Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Region 7: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska Region 8: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakaota, Utah, Wyoming Region 9: Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Pacific Islands Region 10: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Region 1 (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)
5 Post Office Square, Suite 100, Boston, MA 02109-3912
MSW and HW: Juiyu Hsieh (hsieh.juiyu@epa.gov) 617-918-1646

EPA Region 2 (NJ, NY, PR, VI)
290 Broadway, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10007-1866
MSW and HW: Lorraine Graves (graves.lorraine@epa.gov) 212-637-4099

EPA Region 3 (DC, DE, MD, PA, VA, WV)
(No federally recognized tribes.)

EPA Region 4 (AL, FL, GA, KY, MS, NC, SC, TN)
Atlanta Federal Center, 61 Forsyth Street, SW, Atlanta, GA 30303-3104
MSW and HW: Davy Simonson (simonson.davy@epa.gov) 404-562-8457

EPA Region 5 (IL, IN, MI, MN, OH, WI) 77 West Jacksson Boulevard, Chicago, IL 60604
MSW: Dolly Tong (tong.dolly@epa.gov) 312-886-1019

EPA Region 6 (AR, LA, NM, OK, TX)
First Interstate Bank Tower, 1445 Ross Avenue, Suite 1200, Dallas, TX 75202-2733
MSW: Roger Hancock (hancock.roger@epa.gov) 214-665-2239
HW (grants): Chesteena Hullum (hullum.chesteena@epa.gov) 214-665-7216
HW (technical): Nick Stone (stone.nick@epa.gov) 214-665-7226

EPA Region 7 (IA, KS, MO, NE)
726 Minnesota Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66101
MSW and HW: Gayle Hubert (hubert.gayle@epa.gov) 913-551-7439

EPA Region 8 (CO, MT, ND, SD, UT, WY)
1595 Wynkoop St, Suite 500, Denver, CO 80202-2466
MSW and HW: Susanna Trujillo (trujillo.susanna@epa.gov) 303-312-7008 and Brenda South (south.brenda@epa.gov) 303-312-6446
Region 8 Montana Office
301 S.Park, Drawer 10096, Helena, MT 59626-0096
MSW and HW: Stephanie Wallace (wallace.stephanie@epa.gov) 406-457-5018

EPA Region 9 (AS, AZ, CA, GU, HI, NV)
75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
MSW and HW: Michelle Baker (baker.michelle@epa.gov) 415-972-3206

EPA Region 10 (AK, ID, OR, WA)
1200 Sixth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101
MSW: Fran Stefan (stefan.fran@epa.gov) 206-553-6639
HW: Maria Tartaglia (tartaglia.maria@epa.gov) 206-553-6502

Headquarters Tribal Program Coordinators

Headquarters program coordinators are responsible for national policy issues, while regional coordinators take the lead on local and regional waste issues. Headquarters program coordinators information may be found in the table below.

Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) Tribal Program Contacts
Name Function Phone Number
Tonya Hawkins (hawkins.tonya@epa.gov) Tribal Co-Lead (Solid Waste) 703-308-8278
Denise Roy (roy.denise@epa.gov) Tribal Co-Lead (Hazardous Waste) 703-308-8458
Kim Katonica-Mule(katonica.kim@epa.gov) Tribal Team 703-308-6087
Kathy Rafferty(rafferty.kathy@epa.gov) Tribal Team 703-308-0589
Charles Reddoor(reddoor.charles@epa.gov) ORCR Tribal Coordinator 703-308-8245
Wayne Roepe (roepe.wayne@epa.gov) Tribal Team 703-308-8630

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