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A national copy of NHDPlus Exit EPA Disclaimer is stored in the WATERS database for use by services, applications and reporting tools. All NHDPlus resources in the WATERS database are stored in the nhdplus schema. From the NHDPlus website, NHDplus is distributed by NHDPlus hydrologic region with each region updated on independent schedules. To view the current version of each nhdplus region stored in the WATERS, click on this report

Hawaii (region 20) NHDPlus NLCD data is not compatible with the coterminous United States NLCD data, thus separate tables are required. Also, NLCD data is not available for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands (region 21). The following chart outlines available datasets and corresponding database tablenames:

NHDPlus Dataset Coterminous US Hawaii Alaska Puerto Rico + VI
CatchmentAttributesNLCD catchmentattrnlcd catchmentattrnlcd_hi - Not Available - - Not Available -
CatchmentAttributesTempPrecip catchmentattrtempprecip catchmentattrtempprecip - Not Available - catchmentattrtempprecip
FlowlineAttributesFlow flowlineattrflow flowlineattrflow - Not Available - flowlineattrflow
FlowlineAttributesNLCD flowlineattrnlcd flowlineattrnlcd_hi - Not Available - - Not Available -
FlowlineAttributesTempPrecip flowlineattrtempprecip flowlineattrtempprecip - Not Available - flowlineattrtempprecip
HeadWaterNodeArea headwaternodearea headwaternodearea - Not Available - headwaternodearea
Sosc (Strahler Stream Order) sosc sosc - Not Available - sosc

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