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Simple Tabletop Exercise
Scenario 8
Natural Disaster

This page will lead you through the printing of the materials needed to conduct this simple tabletop exercise. Steps 1-4 (below) link you to all of the exercise materials. After completing each step, click the “Back” button until you return to this page to continue to the next step. Step 1 will lead you to a Facilitator's Guide that you can use to guide you through the exercise. Step 2 will lead you to the exercise materials which are the "injects" required to run this exercise. Step 3 will lead you to the Maps and Utility Diagrams that should be provided to the participants prior to the start of the exercise. Step 4 will take you to the exercise PowerPoint presentation, which introduces the participants to Zenith City and presents the exercise rules.

STEP 1: Click here to view and print the Facilitator's Guide [PDF - 31 KB - 6 pp]

STEP 2: Click here to view and print the Exercise Materials [PDF - 3,960 KB - 10 pp]

STEP 3: Click here to view and print the Maps and Utility Diagrams

STEP 4: Click here to view and download the Exercise Presentation (To download the presentation, click on the link to view it and then perform a file "save as" function to save the entire presentation to your computer. If a message box appears when you click on the presentation, simply select the "save" button on the message box.)

You will notice that all exercise materials contain a “material code” in the upper right hand corner. These material codes serve as unique identifiers (much like a serial number) for each exercise’s materials so that you can double-check that you have the right materials for each exercise. Here’s what the abbreviations used in the material codes mean:

    SSc = simple scenario ESc = enhanced scenario m = map
    f = form c = control p = participant
The numbers in the material codes refer to the scenario number, the event day, or the inject number. Let’s look at an example: SSc7-2 (Simple Scenario 7, Inject #2)

Let’s look at another example: m-2 (Map 2: materials designated as “m-#” are for use in all scenarios except Scenario 5; Scenario 5 has its own unique maps). As a final example, lets look at ESc1-2-1 (Enhanced Scenario 1, Day 2, Inject 1).