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WestuRe: U.S. Pacific Coast estuary/watershed data and R tools

WestuRe is a collaborative product of U.S. EPA and USGS

WestuRe provides data and tools to facilitate research in estuaries from northern Washington to southern California. Basic descriptive data for estuaries, such as their size and watershed boundaries, are critical for coastal-scale research and conservation planning. Until now, these data were often difficult to find and standardize.

WestuRe includes:

  1. general descriptive data for estuaries and their watersheds,
  2. tools to simplify the analysis and visualization of these data.

WestuRe User Guide

Using WestuRe data to model species richness within U.S. Pacific coast estuaries

WestuRe includes shapefiles of estuary and watershed polygons as well as CSV files summarizing geomorphological and climate data for these estuaries.

WestuRe tools help users extract and view relevant data using the statistical program R and Google Earth

To quick-view the data

To download WestuRe data and tools

To get started:

  1. Download the compressed WestuRe materials
  2. Unzip the downloaded WestuRe materials
  3. Refer to the UsersGuide.pdf to learn about the data and tools
  4. To begin using the R tools, open the SampleScript.R file in R and refer to the Userís Guide

WestuRe citation:
M. R. Frazier, D. A. Reusser, H. Lee II, L. M. McCoy, C. Brown and W. Nelson. 2013. WestuRe: U.S. Pacific Coast estuary/watershed data and R tools. U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division. EPA/600/R/13/067.

For further information on the data, contact Melanie Frazier or Walt Nelson.

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