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Concentration-dependent stable isotope mixing model

ISOCONC1_01.xls is a Microsoft Excel 2000™ spreadsheet which performs calculations for the concentration-weighted stable isotope mixing model outlined in Phillips DL & Koch PL (2002) Incorporating concentration dependence in stable isotope mixing models, Oecologia 130: 114-125. This dual-isotope model takes into account isotopic element concentration differences among the sources in determining the proportional contributions of sources to a mixture. The user supplies the isotopic signatures for each source and the mixture, as well as the isotopic element concentrations for each source. Separate estimates are made of the contributions of each source for total mass and each isotopic element. See Phillips & Koch (2002) for more details on the model and its computation. A PDF file of the paper is attached below. This file can be read and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader™, which is available for downloading free of charge at www.adobe.com. Also included below are comment (Robbins et al., 2002) and reply (Koch & Phillips, 2002) manuscripts which discuss in more detail the need for consideration of digestibility factors when applying this model to dietary analyses.

This software is provided free of charge with the understanding that it will not be used for any commercial purposes. It is reasonably reliable, but has not been exhaustively tested and must be applied at the user's own risk. Mention of trade names or commercial products does not constitute endorsement or recommendation for use.

Isoconc1_01.xls [Excel 2000™ spreadsheet]

Phillips & Koch 2002.pdf [PDF document – Phillips & Koch (2002)]

Robbins et al 2002.pdf [PDF document – Robbins et al. (2002)]

Koch & Phillips 2002.pdf [PDF document – Koch & Phillips (2002)]

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