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Western Ecology Division
Research Update
February 2002

Plants' competition for nutrients sheds light on species diversity

Tracking stable isotopes to find secrets of ecological processes

Anne Fairbrother heads newly organized branch

 Assessing underwater sediment contaminated with PAH compounds

 Can we predict the consequences for wildlife of landscape change?

 Riparian buffering of water quality in Oregon agricultural area

 A better understanding of air quality in the nationís rural areas

 Indicator groups are likely to exclude rare species

 How much carbon do fine roots contribute to the soil?

 Field research at Superfund site validates sediment toxicity tests 

 Ecoregion map series expanded to encompass 4 more states

 New microbe identification method a valuable tool for research

 Shrubby trees and clonal sprouts survive prolonged flooding

 Wetland assessments must consider regional differences

 Analyzing the future of wild Pacific salmon and salmon policy

 Soil characteristics help explain and identify ecoregions


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