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WED Research Update
October, 2002

New branch's mission:
    Characterize the risks society places upon nature

EPA post-doctoral program brings energy and expertise to WED

Statistical modeling predicts condition of streams in the Willamette River Basin

European green crab invasion threatens Pacific Northwest bivalves

Cottonwoods grow faster in city pollution than downwind in rural ozone

Survey designs help states save money assessing surface waters

Predicting ozone exposure to forests in the Sierra Nevada

Finding the amount of organic carbon held in forested soils

Measuring movement of soil water by tree roots to dry surface soil

Kentucky added to ecoregion framework

Finding a better way for estimating solar exposure of streams

Analyzing the invasion of estuary's soft-bottom benthic communities

Red alder increases nitrogen levels in Oregon Coast Range streams

Landscape perspective in the mitigation of lost wetland

Understanding survival of grass planted to restore salt marshes

Plant physiologist describes ozone's below-ground impact


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