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Western Ecology Division
Research Update
April 2001

Newspaper with Headline Scientists enable the public to picture alternative environmental scenarios
Photo of WED Science Retreat   WED Science Retreat
encourages free-wheeling discussions

Icon NHEERL Director visits Corvallis and Newport

Icon Three studies of Oregonís exotic bullfrogs and bluegills

Icon Eelgrass appears to tolerate recreational shellfish harvesting

Icon Physical habitat a good indicator of streamsí cleanliness

Icon Low-level mercury contamination of fish tissue in Oregon streams, rivers

Icon An extensive database on contaminants in Arctic soils, vegetation

Icon Experiments show pollutant is harmful to Arctic fish

Icon Standard methodologies for seagrass researchers worldwide

Icon Research will aid in restoring, maintaining riparian forests

Icon Scientists calculate how much fish sampling is enough

Icon Nonylphenol proves acutely toxic to estuarine amphipods

Icon Scientists analyze nitrogen dynamics of high-elevation watersheds

Icon Data provide indicators of ecological stress to NE lakes

Icon International soil science research just got easier

Icon Leaf transpiration research sheds light on tree growth

Icon Improving pollution source identification using stable isotopes

Icon Needle anatomy changes as Douglas fir trees grow older


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