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Western Ecology Division
Research Update

August 2000

Coastal 2000 Logo Assessing the Ecological Condition
of Estuaries and Offshore Waters
Icon Willamette River Restoration:
 What is Important to Salmon?

Icon New Technologies Help Assess Ecological Risk in Estuaries

Icon  Small-format Aerial Photography Helps Plot Algae in Estuaries

Icon  Ecoregions Delineated for Utah and Wisconsin

Icon  Sample Organisms Useful in Studying Pesticide Residues in Bay

Icon  Model Predicts Ozone Exposure Over Complex Terrain

Icon  Effect of Data Resolution on Stream-Wood Predictions

Icon  Standardizing Sampling on Replicate Similarity

Icon  Higher Temperature or CO2 Reduces Fir Trees’ Insect Defense

Icon  Optimizing Land Use Planning for Ecological and Economic Objectives

Icon  Measuring Carbon Flux by Altering Climates of Growth Chambers

Icon  Climate-change Research Assesses Nitrogen Data from Fir Seedlings

Icon  Reducing Uncertainty in Source Partitioning With Stable Isotopes

Icon  Analyzing Forest Stress and Decline in Southwest Florida


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