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Western Ecology Division
Research Update
December 2000

Icon Corvallis, Newport scientists look back on research milestones Photo of former EPA Administrator Train
During the mid-1970s, EPA Administrator Russell E. Train visits the lab of Research Scientist Safa Shirazi, center. Norbert Jaworski, former branch chief, is on the right.
 IconThe Northwest's Salmon Policy conundrum

Icon Dealing with spatial autocorrelation in statistical ecology models

Icon Soil temperature and nitrogen uptake during early spring growth

Icon Bird Integrity Index scores human impacts on streams

Icon Interactive effects of CO2 and O3 on pine ecosystem in mesocosm 

Icon Molecular procedure gives early warning of  Douglas-fir disease

Icon Study analyzes differences between natural and artificial lakes

Icon The importance of organic matter in soil nitrogen transformations

Icon Fine-root research with minirhizotrons

Icon Ecoregion map of Nebraska and Kansas to be published

Icon Long-term trends in growth of pines in changing landscape

Icon Root research adds to understanding of forest carbon flux


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