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Western Ecology Division
Research Update
May 2000

EMAP West Logo Assessing Streams  and Lakes Across
a Vast and Highly Varied Territory

Model Analyzes Interactions
Between Seagrass and Sediments

Icon Choice of Land-use, Land-cover Data Can Influence Results

Icon Report Summarizes Latest Information on Electrofishing

Icon Assessment Provides Planning Tool for Protecting Wetland Species

Icon Critique Suggests Solutions to Stable Isotope Data Problems

Icon Grass Competition Increases Ponderosa Pine Sensitivity to Ozone

Icon Field Study of Genetically Engineered Alfalfa Published

Icon Index of Biological Integrity Created for Coast Range Streams

Icon Riverís Invisible Flow an Important Ecological Process

Icon Developing Methods for Characterizing Riparian Corridors

Icon Riverís Alcoves Are Important Rearing Areas for Fish

Icon Short-term Connections May Link Isolated Wetlands

Icon Interagency Group Completes Framework of Ecological Regions



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