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Global Climate Change 

Research on Global Climate Change at the Western Ecology Division

 This site contains an annotated bibliography of peer reviewed publications on the environmental effects of global climate change—a  result of more than a decade of research at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s facilities in Corvallis, Oregon.  This ecological research was conducted by scientists in the Office of Research and Development, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory (NHEERL), Western Ecology Division. The research detailed in this collection has provided a better understanding of the potential effects of global warming and rising levels of atmospheric CO2 on natural and managed ecosystems. 

 The annotated bibliography is organized in two ways: 1) alphabetical by first author, and 2) topically by major research area. For each research area a brief summary is provided followed by the annotated bibliography. The topics include:

       Vegetation redistribution

       The terrestrial carbon cycle

       Effects on water resources

       Effects on US agriculture

       Effects on rice production

       CO2 and Temperature effects on forest ecosystems

       CO2 and nitrogen effects on forest ecosystems

       CO2 and O3 effects on forest ecosystems


Selected Publications:

      ●   A Summary of NHEERL Ecological Research on Global Climate Change. Dr. Peter A. Beedlow and Dr.
           David T. Tingey, editors. April 2007

       Rising atmospheric CO2 and carbon sequestration in forests. Peter A Beedlow, David T Tingey, Donald L Phillips, William E Hogsett, and David M Olszyk. Front Ecol Environ 2004; 2(6): 315–322.

 Technical contact:  Dr. Peter A. Beedlow, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division, Corvallis, OR, 541-754-4634, beedlow.peter@epa.gov


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