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Lipp, C.C., and C. P. Andersen. 2003. Role of carbohydrate supply in white and brown root respiration of ponderosa pine. New Phytologist 160:523-531. WED-01-012


--Respiration of intact ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) fine roots (< 2.5mm) was measured to determine the role of recently fixed carbohydrate in maintaining root metabolism of growing white (WR) and recently suberized brown roots (BR).

--The CO2 efflux and O2 uptake of individual roots were followed continuously over 24 h after carbohydrate supply was altered by exposing shoots to light/dark treatments and by root excision.

--In situ respiration of individual WR and BR averaged 86.0 2.6 and 21.1 1.5 μmol CO2 g-1 h-1, respectively. Growth respiration was estimated to be approximately two-thirds the rate of WR respiration. Attached WR and BR respiration did not decline significantly over 24 h under continuous light. The WR respiration significantly decreased during a dark period. All roots maintained relatively constant respiration rates for at least 6 h after excision. Respiratory quotient (RQ; CO2: O2) was not different between attached (0.84 0.014) and detached (0.85 0.017) roots. CO2 environment of the cuvette did not influence WR or BR respiration.

--The WR appear to be more sensitive to supply of current photosynthate than BR. Shoot light environment needs to be considered when measuring root and soil CO2 efflux.

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