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Melanie Frazier

Ecologist, Post Doctoral

Pacific Coastal Ecology Branch

Voice: 541-867-4032
Email: frazier.melanie@epa.gov


Previous Positions:

Research Interests and Skills:


Selected Publications:

Lee II, H., Reusser, D.A., Frazier, M., and Ruiz, G. 2010. Density Matters: Review of Approaches to Setting Organism-Based Ballast Water Discharge Standards. U.S. EPA, Office of Research and Development, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory, Western Ecology Division. EPA/600/R-10/031.

Angilletta, M.J. Jr., R.B. Huey, M.R. Frazier. 2009. Thermodynamic effects on organismal performance: Is hotter better? Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 83: 197-206.

Frazier, M.R., J.F. Harrison, S.D. Kirkton, S.P. Roberts. 2008. Cold rearing improves cold-flight performance in Drosophila via changes in wing morphology. Journal of Experimental Biology 211: 2116-2122.

Frazier, M.R., R.B. Huey, and D. Berrigan. 2006. Thermodynamics constrains the evolution of insect population growth rates: “Warmer is better”. American Naturalist 168: 512-520.

Dillon, M.E. and M.R. Frazier. 2006. Insect locomotion in cold thin air. Journal of Experimental Biology 209: 364-371.

Dillon, M.E., M.R. Frazier, and R. Dudley. 2006. Alpine insects: Physiology and evolution in thin air. Comparative and Integrative Biology 46: 49-61.

Harrison, J.F., M.R. Frazier, J.R. Henry, A. Kaiser, C.J. Kock and B. Rascon. 2006. Responses of terrestrial insects to hypoxia or hyperoxia. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 154: 4-17.

Huey, R.B., M. Carlson, L. Crozier, M. Frazier, H. Hamilton, C. Harley, A. Hoang, J.G.
Kingsolver. 2002. Plants versus Animals: Do they deal with stress in different ways. Comparative and Integrative Biology 42: 415-423

Frazier, M.F., H.A. Woods, and J.F. Harrison. 2001. Interactive effects of rearing temperature and oxygen on the development of Drosophila melanogaster. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 74: 641-650.

Frazier, M.F., J.F. Harrison, and S.T. Behmer. 2000. Effects of diet on titratable acid-base excretion in grasshoppers. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 73: 66-76




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