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Marguerite Kosoff

Program Analyst

Voice: 541-754-4567
Email: kosoff.marguerite@epa.gov

Areas of Responsibility:

Previous Positions/Experience:


Student Services Contracts:
As part of my new duties, I am responsible for monitoring hours, costs, and maintaining files for the Division's student services contracts. I can assist you with entering any student services contract procurement requests into EAS to include new contracts and incremental funding requests. For new contracts, you will still need to put all the paperwork together and have the package reviewed by Larry Hodgson, but I will do the entry into EAS for you. I would need all the supporting paperwork sent to me so I can upload things into EAS. I haven't received the new tracking database for the invoices and hours, but as soon as I do, I will send out another email to those of you with current student contracts.

I am now the Division contact for maintaining administrative files for all Cooperative Agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, and Interagency Agreements (funds-in/funds-out). I can assist you with entering Commitment Notices for Cooperative Agreements and Interagency Agreements if you select my name as the Commitment Clerk in the agreement drop down menu. Please send me a copy of your final approved agreements when you receive them from the approver as these do not come to me automatically. I am required to keep updated records for the Division.

ORISE Post-Doc Associate Coordinator:
I am the point-of-contact for any Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education Post-Doc announcements for the Division. I can help you with drafting commitment notices for this program, and routing announcements to NHEERL for processing.

SEE Coordinator:
Please contact me if you have a question on funding and employment announcements for the SEE program.

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