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Jody Stecher


Pacific Coast Ecology Branch 

Voice: 541-754-5026
Email: stecher.jody@epa.gov  


B.S., University of Delaware, Chemistry (1980) M.S., Northwestern University, Inorganic Chemistry (1983) Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, Inorganic Chemistry (1989)

Previous Positions:

2000-2006: Faculty Research Assistant, College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Oregon State University 1998-1999: Research Associate, Shannon Point Marine Center, Western Washington University 1997: Research Technician, Center for Streamside Studies, University of Washington 1991-1997: Research Associate, College of Marine Studies and Department of Geology, University of Delaware

Research Interests and Skills:

American Geophysical Union

Research Interests and Skills:

Selected Publications:

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