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Reene Watt

Administrative Officer

Program Operations Branch

Voice: 541-754-4654
Email: watt.reene@epa.gov

Areas of Responsibility:

Previous positions/experience:


People Plus Coordinator:
I am the liaison between Headquarters and WED for any People Plus issue. I generate reports, maintain the list of authorized timekeepers/supervisors, provide back up to supervisors and timekeepers, and revise account codes as necessary. I can assist you with the People Plus system and routine time and attendance questions.

Property Accountable Officer:
I am responsible for ensuring the effective acquisition, management, utilization, and disposal of all government property. I can assist you with property passes, revocable license agreements, excess property, transferring property, what constitutes “property” and when it needs to be decaled, custodial officer training, annual physical inventories, designating Custodial Officers, and what to do when property is lost, damaged or destroyed.

EAS Liaison:
I serve as the EAS site administrator (along with Kathy Martin). I am the liaison between headquarters and WED for the EAS system. I can assist you with entering PRs into EAS, setting up routing lists, updating current routing lists, etc.

Fleet Management:
I manage all GSA leased vehicles, approve fleet invoices, provide quarterly reports to headquarters regarding gas and oil consumption, maintain EPA vehicle management system,
and act as the liaison between GSA and EPA. I can assist you with questions regarding vehicle leasing, costs, usage, service, etc.

Mail Management:
I submit monthly reports, monitor postage usage, approve adding postage to machines, monitor meter head rental and maintenance contracts, and serve as the liaison between HQ and WED on postage/mail management matters. I also monitor the UPS contract, pay invoices, and serve as the point of contact.

COR for Library Contract:
I monitor the library contract (approve invoices, add funding, approve library requests, etc.). Please see me if you have any questions or concerns with the library.

COR for Administrative Support Contract:
I monitor the administrative support contract (approve invoices, add funding, etc.). Please see me if you have any questions or concerns about the administrative support contract.

Guest Worker Agreements:
I am the point of contact for the guest worker agreements. I verify paperwork is complete and obtains the appropriate approvals.


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