Funding and Other Resources

EPA provides several funding sources that can be used to support state and tribal programs, as well as voluntary restoration.

  1. Wetland Program Development Grants: Building State and Tribal Capacity to Protect Wetlands  - This brochure highlights just a few examples of the progress being made by states and tribes through the use of the Wetland Program Development Grant funds.
    1. Wetland Program Development Grants Request for Proposals (RFPs)- specifics on eligibility, requirements, and priorities for the Wetlands Program Development Grants. (None Currently Open)
    2. Wetland Program Development Grant (WPDG) Case Studies This document highlights successful use of WPDGs in building one or more elements of a wetlands protection program and serves as an example to others who are striving to develop comprehensive programs.
  2. 5 Star Restoration Program
  3. State Revolving Fund (SRF) and Wetlands
  4. Other Wetland Grant Information
  5. Catalog of Federal Funding Sources for Watershed Protection
  6. CWA 106 program
  7. CWA 319 program
  8. Indian Environmental General Assistance Program (GAP) funds