Aquatic Life Criteria - Copper

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2007 Update

EPA issued a revised national recommended freshwater aquatic life criterion for copper (Aquatic Life Ambient Freshwater Quality Criteria—Copper 2007 Revision). As a companion to the criteria document, EPA has also released documents to supplement training materials and help states, tribes, permittees, and other interested stakeholders on implementing the nationally recommended criteria.

2003 Update

EPA has published a draft document, 2003 Draft Update of Ambient Water Quality Criteria for Copper (EPA-822-R-03-026), containing updated freshwater and saltwater aquatic life criteria for copper. These criteria revisions are based in part on new data that have become available since EPA's last comprehensive criteria updates for copper. In addition to incorporating new data, the freshwater criteria also incorporate the use of the biotic ligand model (BLM) in the criteria derivation procedures.

Additional Information

Document: Streamlined Water-Effect Ratio Procedure for Discharges of Copper (March 2001)