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EPA conducts indoor air sampling at properties near former Hancock Manufacturing site in Toronto, Ohio

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 For Immediate Release  No. 18-OPA099

CHICAGO (Jan. 5, 2018) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is conducting indoor air sampling at properties surrounding the former Hancock Manufacturing site in Toronto, Ohio, to determine whether residences and other buildings are affected by volatile organic compounds, specifically trichloroethylene, or TCE, in groundwater, soil vapor, sub-slab gas or indoor air.

Ohio EPA referred the site to U.S. EPA in 2017 after indoor sampling found elevated levels of volatile organic compounds. If U.S. EPA sampling confirms that vapor intrusion does exist at any properties, mitigation systems will be installed. U.S. EPA estimates the sampling and potential response at the site will cost about $475,000.

The former facility performed metal stamping and drawing to produce oil filter casings and refrigeration compressor housings. TCE was used to clean manufacturing oils from finished metal products during the final stages of production, resulting in contamination in the soil and groundwater.

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