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Asthma Awareness Month

May is Asthma Awareness Month—a time to educate friends, family, and patients about asthma and promote awareness about how this serious, sometimes life-threatening, chronic respiratory disease can be controlled. 

During Asthma Awareness Month, EPA provides ready-to-use tools and resources for use promoting asthma awareness in your community.

On this page:

Take Action

The first step in raising asthma awareness is learning the facts.  Find resources about the intersection between asthma and public health.

Once you know the facts, you can use the materials and resources on this page to take action in your community!

Social Media and Infographics

Use any of the materials below to spread asthma awareness through your network and educate others!   Use the hashtags #asthma, #AsthmaAwarenessMonth, and/or #WorldAsthmaDay, and tag @EPA and/or @EPAair.

Join Asthma Community Network

  • Asthma Community Network: Asthma Community Network is an online network designed for community-based asthma programs and sponsoring organizations (e.g., health care providers, government health and environmental agencies, nonprofits, coalitions, schools, etc.). It features the only online compendium of over 600 asthma resources. Join the network to meet asthma champions around the country and learn about Asthma Awareness Month planning activities.
  • Financing In-Home Asthma Care: This microsite on provides information focused on delivering and paying for in-home asthma care to improve outcomes for children with asthma. 

National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management

The National Environmental Leadership Award in Asthma Management is awarded each year to honor exceptional community-based asthma programs that deliver environmental asthma management as part of their comprehensive asthma care services.

Winners of this national recognition:

  • Address environmental triggers as part of a comprehensive asthma program;
  • Foster high-performing collaborations and partnerships; and
  • Improve the daily lives of those with asthma and their families.

Winners are recognized in May during Asthma Awareness Month. Learn more about previous winners. Exit

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Find Asthma Resources from Our Partners

  • Federal Agencies and Organizations Addressing Environmental Asthma: Learn about efforts from other federal agencies, national nonprofit organizations, and EPA regional offices working to advance asthma care through outreach and education on environmental asthma triggers.
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in Schools: Nearly 1 in 13 children of school-age has asthma, which is the leading cause of school absenteeism due to chronic illness. Find resources from the IAQ Tools for Schools program promoting healthy learning environments and learn about implementing IAQ management plans in your school.

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