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PSD Permit Applications In Region 4

Recent PSD Permit Applications received by Region 4*
State Permitting Authority Source Name Project Description Application Received Draft Permit Final Permit Status
AL ADEM Nucor Steel Decatur, LLC Steel Works 5/16/2019 5/16/2019   Final Permit
AL ADEM T. R. Miller Mill Company, Inc. Lumber Mill (dry kilns, boiler) 2/14/2020 2/14/2020   Final Permit
GA GEPD Oglethorpe Power Thomas A. Smith Energy Facility Electric Services 5/16/2019 12/20/2019   Final Permit
GA GEPD US Cement, LLC Portland Cement Plant 10/18/2019 5/1/2020 6/20/2020 Final Permit
KY KDAQ Westlake Vinyls, Inc. -- PVC Plant Industrial Organic Chemicals 5/10/2019 6/17/2020 11/13/2020 Final Permit
KY KDAQ Nucor Steel Brandenburg Steel Mill 9/24/2019   7/23/2020 Final Permit
KY KY DAQ Logan Aluminum - Russellville Secondary smelting and sheeting/plate/foil 9/24/2019   12/4/2020 Final Permit
MS MDEQ Roxul USA Inc. Mineral wool insulation 10/19/2018 3/11/2019 6/5/5019 Final Permit
NC NC DEQ Troy Lumber Co. Sawmills & Planing Mills General 5/1/2019   12/22/2020 Final Permit
NC NC DEQ Weyerhaeuser lumber mill 12/5/2019 4/2/2020   Final Permit
SC SDHEC Santee Cooper - Cross Generating Station Pulverized Coal Boilers 5/28/2019     Application
SC DHEC Westrock Summerville Sawmill 10/3/2019 3/16/2020 5/22/2020 Final Permit
TN TDEC Tennessee Valley Authority – Brownsville Combustion Turbine Plant Electric Power Generation 6/6/2019   7/27/2020 Final Permit
TN CHCAPCB Volkswagon Group of America, Chattanooga auto manufacturer 12/12/2019 12/31/2019   Final Permit

* This list includes PSD applications recieved in the last 2 years if the project is still active (not final) and PSD permits issued final in the last year.

Table updated on May 13, 2021.

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