CAMEO: Instructors' Corner

This page provides information that meets the specialized needs of the CAMEO instructor community.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and EPA are offering a CAMEO instructor certification program.

The purpose of the certification program is to establish high standards of professionalism and expertise for CAMEO software suite trainers. This program will attempt to provide a measure of quality assurance and competency within the CAMEO training network.

This is a voluntary certification program. You do not have to become certified to teach CAMEO. Certification does have benefits. By becoming certified, you will be:

  • Recognized as an expert CAMEO user and trainer by the CAMEO software suite developers;
  • Recognized as an expert by those you intend to train;
  • Targeted for beta test releases of future program upgrades;

The certification exams are administered by Tom Bergman of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.  Please refer to the CAMEO Training website (developed by certified CAMEO Instructors) for more details about the certification exam Exit.

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