Profiles of African Americans at EPA

At EPA, we protect human health and the environment every day.  EPA's diverse workforce, which includes a wide range of specialists -- scientists, lawyers, economists, accountants, emergency responders, managers, inspectors, and communicators -- brings a balance of perspectives to bear on every challenge we face.  We hope that these profiles will serve as an inspiration to others who are interested in protecting our planet.

Profiles of African Americans at EPA

Kevin J. Bailey, Congressional Liaison
Office of Congressional and Intergovernmental Relations
Washington, DC

I handle air issues, working with Congress. Read more about Kevin J. Bailey.

Kevin Bailey

Beverly Banister, Director
Air, Pesticides and Toxics Management Division
Atlanta, GA (EPA Region 4)

I lead EPA professionals in delivering clean air and safe chemical programs to the eight southeastern states in our region. Read more about Beverly Banister.

Beverly Banister

Denise Benjamin-Sirmons, Director
Office of Diversity, Advisory Committee Management and Outreach
Office of Administration and Resources Management
Washington, DC

I'm the senior executive responsible for diversity issues in EPA's workforce. Read more about Denise Benjamin-Sirmons.

Denise Benjamin-Sirmons

Shakeba Carter-Jenkins, Public Engagement Specialist
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, DC

I work on public outreach activities as they relate to health. Read more about Shakeba Carter-Jenkins.

Shakeba Carter-Jenkins

Carlton Eley, Senior Environmental Protection Specialist
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Washington, DC

I am the agency's leading expert on the topic of equitable development. Read more about Carlton Eley.

Carlton Eley

Carlos Evans, Attorney Advisor
Office of the Administrator
Washington, DC

I am an EPA attorney advisor focusing on environmental justice issues. Read more about Carlos Evans.

Carlos Evans

Sharon Hilliard, Human Resources Specialist
Office of Administration and Resources Management
Washington, DC

I manage the Human Resources system changes and related contracts at EPA. Read more about Sharon Hilliard.

Sharon Hilliard

Brandon Jones, Assistant Center Director
Office of Research and Development
Washington, DC

I'm the lead for EPA's research fellowship programs. Read more about Brandon Jones.

Brandon Jones

Brian Long
Office of Acquisition Management
Office of Administration and Resource Management
Washington, DC

I am responsible for awarding contracts and overseeing EPA's purchases for goods, materials and professional services. Read more about Brian Long.

Brian Long

Jonathan Newton, Attorney Advisor
Office of the Administrator
Washington, DC

I coordinate requests under the Freedom of Information Act, which guarantees Americans access to government information. Read more about Jonathan Newton.

Jonathan Newton

LaTonya Sanders, Public Affairs Specialist
Region 7 Office of Public Affairs
Lenexa, KS

I work on communications, message development, speech writing, product development, media relations, congressional affairs, event planning, outreach and education. Read more about LaTonya Sanders.

Picture of a brown skin smiling women.

Nigel Simon, Director
Office of Program Management
Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
Washington, DC

I work on long-term strategic planning on cross-cutting issues and information management in the Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response. Read more about Nigel Simon.

Nigel Simon

Vicki Simons, Senior Advisor
Office of Water
Washington, DC

I work on diversity issues in the Office of Water in Washington, DC. Read more about Vicki Simons.

Vicki Simons

Tracy White, Program Analyst
Office of Administration and Resources Management
Washington, DC

I work on improving diversity and inclusion efforts at EPA. Read more about Tracy White.

Tracy White

Helena Wooden-Aguilar, Assistant Director
Office of Civil Rights
Washington, DC

I help manage civil rights issues throughout EPA. Read more about Helena Wooden-Aguilar.

Helena Wooden-Aguilar

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