Profiles of Hispanics at EPA

At EPA, we protect human health and the environment every day.  EPA's diverse workforce, which includes a wide range of specialists -- scientists, lawyers, economists, accountants, emergency responders, managers, inspectors, and communicators -- brings a balance of perspectives to bear on every challenge we face.  We hope that these profiles will serve as an inspiration to others who are interested in protecting our planet.  en español

Profiles of Hispanics at EPA

Matthew Tejada, Director
Office of Environmental Justice
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Washington, DC

I am responsible for all of the managerial aspects of the office: personnel, budget, strategic planning, collaboration with other EPA offices, and grants.  Read more about Matthew Tejada.

Matthew Tejada

Evelyn Rivera-Ocasio, Environmental Engineer
EPA Region 2
Caribbean Environmental Protection Division
San Juan, Puerto Rico

I am an inspector, checking that wastewater treatment plants operated by the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewage Authority (PRASA) comply with regulations. Read more about Evelyn Rivera-Ocasio.

photo of Evelyn Rivera-Ocasio

Joel Corona, Economist
Office of Water - Immediate Office
Washington, DC

I work for the Assistant Administrator and Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water on a variety of issues related to economics. Read more about Joel Corona.

photo of Joel Corona

Nadtya Y. Hong, Esq.
Environmental scientist

Latin America and Caribbean Team
Office of International and Tribal Affairs
Washington, DC

I manage environmental cooperation programs in the Latin American and Caribbean regions, with a special focus in the Andean region (Peru, Chile and Colombia). Read more about Nadtya Hong.

photo of Nadtya  Y. Hong

Rafael DeLeon, Esq., Acting Director
Office of Site Remediation Enforcement
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Washington, DC

I am the Acting Director of the Office of Site Remediation Enforcement in the Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance.  Read more about Rafael DeLeon.
photo of Rafael DeLeon

Sally Gutiérrez, Director
Environmental Technology Innovation Cluster Development and Support Program,
Office of Research and Development
Cincinnati, Ohio

I work on a new effort to support the development of environmental technology innovation clusters, which are regional collaborations that promote economic growth and innovation. Read more about Sally Gutiérrez.
photo of Sally  Gutiérrez

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