Profiles of Members of EPA's LGBT Community

In December 2013, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy affirmed our Equality Employment Opportunity policy, "EPA cannot and will not tolerate discrimination based on race; color; religion; sex, including pregnancy, sex stereotyping, gender identity or gender expression; national origin; sexual orientation; physical or mental disability; age; protected genetic information; status as a parent; marital status; political affiliation or retaliation based on previous EEO activity."  We continue to strive to achieve the goals of full equality for all our employees.

EPA's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees serve in numerous leadership roles and play an integral part in the agency's decision-making. The diversity of their expertise, heritage, and talents make the agency stronger.  Thanks to their hard work and dedication, we are able to fulfill our mission to protect public health and the environment for present and future generations.

Profiles of Members of EPA's LGBT Community

Sherry Banks, Life Scientist
Office of Site Remediation and Restoration
Boston, MA (EPA Region 1)
I work as an on-scene coordinator in the Office of Site Remediation and Restoration in our regional office in Boston, MA. I also serve on many boards in our region. I've been a longtime human rights activist. Read more about Sherry Banks.
Sherry Banks

Charlena Bowling, Environmental Protection Specialist
Office of Research and Development
Cincinnati, OH

I provide technical support to emergency responders during environmental contamination emergencies. I also serve as a Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPMs) for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) employees in the EPA lab in Cincinnati. I counsel employees on their rights, while at the same time, advise management on how to work with their employees when guidance is needed. Read more about Charlena Bowling.

Charlena Bowling

Brendan G. Doyle, Senior Advisor
Office of Research and Development
Washington, DC

I'm a senior advisor in EPA's National Homeland Security Research Center. I'm also a founding member of Equality EPA, the non-labor group at the agency that champions LGBT rights. Read more about Brendan G. Doyle.

Brendan Doyle

Michael Emerson, Staff Assistant
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, DC

I work  for the associate administrator for the Office of Public Affairs, handling schedules and other duties. Read more about Michael Emerson.

Michael Emerson

Karen Kellen, President AFGE Council 238
Enforcement Attorney
Denver, CO (EPA's Region 8)

I’ve been at EPA for over 27 years. I’m an attorney by profession. Now, I’m the president of the American Federation of Government Employees Council, working to ensure that employees’ rights are protected. Read more about Karen Kellen.

Karen Kellen

Kevin Minoli, Principal Deputy General Counsel
Office of General Counsel
Washington, DC

I’m a senior executive in the Office of General Counsel, where I serve as the managing attorney for our office. Read more about Kevin Minoli.

Kevin Minoli

Mahri Monson, Environmental Protection Specialist
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Washington, DC

I help protect our waters by ensuring that stakeholders at all levels comply with U.S. environmental laws. I also encourage sustainable practices. Read more about Mahri Monson.

Mahri Monson

Rebecca Roose, Environmental Protection Specialist
Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
Washington, DC

I help protect our waterways by ensuring that states fully comply with the Clean Water Act. Read more about Rebecca Roose.

Rebecca Roose
Bob Sachs, Environmental Scientist
Office of Policy
Washington, DC
I’ve spent virtually my entire career as a public servant at EPA headquarters, the State of New Jersey, and the U.S. Geological Survey. During my 23 years at EPA, I’ve written federal regulations for hazardous waste. Read more about Bob Sachs.
Bob Sachs

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