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Public Notice: California Gulch Superfund Site, Fifth Five-Year Review

Publish Date: 02/28/2017


EPA is conducting the fifth five-year review of the remedial actions performed under the Superfund program for the California Gulch Superfund site. The purpose of the five-year review is to evaluate the implementation and performance of a remedy to determine if it is or will be protective of human health and the environment.

The site comprises about 18 square miles in Lake County, Colorado, in the upper Arkansas River watershed and includes the city of Leadville, various parts of the Leadville Historic Mining District and a section of the Arkansas River from the confluence of California Gulch downstream to the confluence of Two Bit Gulch. It is divided into 11 geographical areas known as operable units (OUs), and a twelfth OU consisting of site-wide groundwater. The five-year review will look at all OUs and will encompass the entire site.

Cleanup activities have included construction of the Yak Treatment Plant, consolidation and containment of contaminated soils, sediments and mine-processing wastes, drainage controls to reduce acid-rock runoff, and cleanup at residential properties. Construction at most of the 12 OUs has been completed, and nine OUs have been deleted from the National Priorities List.

EPA invites community participation in the five-year review process. Community members are always encouraged to contact EPA staff with any information that may help us make our determination regarding the protectiveness and effectiveness of the remedies at the site.

Additional site information is available at:

Lake County Library
1115 Harrison Avenue
Leadville, CO 80461
(719) 486-0569

EPA's California Gulch website

Questions? Contact:

Chris Wardell (wardell.christopher@epa.gov)
Community Involvement Coordinator
U.S. EPA, Region 8
(800) 227-8917, ext. 312-6062

Warren Smith (warren.smith@state.co.us)
Community Involvement Manager
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
(303) 692-3373

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