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Building the Capacity of Drinking Water Systems

Resources for Small Public Water System Operators

Knowledge Retention Tool

The Knowledge Retention Tool Spreadsheet for Small Water Systems.xlsx(18 pp, 153 K) is an Excel spreadsheet that helps operators consolidate system information into one location, enabling increased organization and coordination among operators.  Designed to assist in personnel transition, the tool encompasses a wide variety of information that a new or contract operator would need to effectively manage and operate a small water system.  

Electronic Preventive Maintenance Logs

The Electronic Preventive Maintenance Logs(857 pp, 10 MB)  include interactive pdf files to help operators of small ground water systems record and plan regular maintenance duties.  This file set contains fillable pdf logs for each month, which includes common daily, weekly, and monthly tasks performed by water system operators, as well as a suggested schedule of annual tasks.  Click on the link to download the complete file set.

Download individual log filesIt is highly recommended to download the entire file package in order to access the full schedule of recommended maintenance activities and to avoid accidental loss of data.  Below are the individual files that comprise the file package.  

Preventive Maintenance Card File

A related resource, the Preventive Maintenance Card File for Small Public Water Systems Using Ground Water (EPA 816-B-04-002) can be found here.  This version also provides assistance to operators in recording and planning maintenance activities, though in a printed format.