Profiles of Environmental Education Grants Awarded to Organizations in Guam

- Indicates a Headquarters grant

2003 Grants

University of Guam   $8,900
Jeff D.T. Barcinas, University & Community Engagement, UOG Station, Mangilao, GU 96923
Environmental Education - Micronesia Environmental Education Network (MREEN)
The Micronesia Regional Environmental Education Network (MREEN) serves as a link between environmental educators and outreach practitioners in the western Pacific region. Environmental educators in this region often face many problems not encountered by their mainland counterparts. Because environmental agencies and nonprofit organizations in the region are small, personnel working on education or outreach activities often work alone or in very small groups. Because of limited local resources, there is often nowhere for these personnel to turn when they are confronted with problems or looking for new ideas. MREEN attempts to overcome some of these obstacles by maintaining a support network of environmental education and outreach specialists who are working on similar issues under similar conditions. MREEN is currently setting up an electronic archive of environmental education materials developed in and for the western Pacific region; developing the MREEN web site to provide online access to the materials; establishing the MREEN “listserv,” which connects environmental educators and outreach specialists throughout the region; and developing a 1-day workshop on designing effective environmental outreach campaigns for Pacific islands.

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