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Effluent Guidelines

Preliminary Effluent Guidelines Program Plan 14

""Preliminary Plan 14 discusses the ongoing rulemaking and associated schedule for the Steam Electric Power Generating Category. EPA has concluded that no additional categories warrant new or revised effluent guideline regulations at this time. Preliminary Plan 14 provides updates on ongoing industrial category studies:

Other ongoing analyses discussed in Preliminary Plan 14 include an analysis and ranking of nutrient discharges in industrial discharges, and an analysis of available data on industrial sources and discharges of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). These efforts aim to identify the extent to which these pollutants are discharged from industrial point sources.

Three new activities are introduced in Preliminary Plan 14:
  • A new technology review process will help EPA gather information on current industrial wastewater treatment capabilities.
  • A new economic screening analysis will enable EPA to establish an initial prioritization of industries based on economic factors.
  • A PFAS Multi-Industry Study designed to identify industrial sources of PFAS in surface waters. This study was initially announced as part of EPA's PFAS Action Plan.
Preliminary Plan 14 provides details on databases that EPA is developing in support of the Effluent Guidelines Program:

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The public coment period for Preliminary Plan 14 ended on November 25, 2019. You can view the submitted comments online at The Docket Number is EPA-OW-2018-0618.

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For additional information, please contact Phillip Flanders (, Project Manager, at 202-566-8323.