Environmental Management Systems (EMS) at EPA's Research Triangle Park, NC Campus: Program Successes

EMS Performance:
  • "Green" rating for EMS performance 2009, 2010 and 2011
  • Member of the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ Environmental Stewardship Initiative at the Partner level for 2013
Sustainable Buildings:
  • LEED Silver obtained for all buildings on the RTP campus
  • Main campus utilizes a Building Automated System (BAS) which increases efficiency by regulating temperature and lighting
  • Extensive natural areas including butterfly gardens and wooded lots surround RTP and Discovery Lake
Alternative Transportation:
RTP’s EMS encourages the use of transportation that is not single occupancy vehicles and participation in programs such as:
  • Vanpool (subsidized)
  • Carpool
  • Bus Transport (subsidized)
  • Bike Commuting
  • E85 fuel government vehicles
Energy and Water Use:
  • Water consumption is down 44% in 2012 compared to the FY07 baseline
  • Energy consumption is down 23.7% in 2012 compared to the FY03 baseline
  • Campus energy use is 100% offset by renewable energy credits
  • 2011 - EPA was the #1 Federal Agency in Green Power Purchases
  • Solar powered street lights illuminate campus roadways
  • Solar powered air compressor in the parking lot provides fill up opportunities for flat tires
Energy Saving Projects:
  • Lab Recommissioning will save 51,000 MMBtu
  • Lab Heat Recovery will save 5,410 MMBtu
  • Control Air Compressor Replacement will save 1,900 MMBtu
  • Use 100% recycled content paper
  • Recycles aluminum, paper, and numbered plastics as well as composting food waste
  • 2012 - 110 RTP employees participated in ‘Kick the Can’ which is a volunteer program to get rid of the trashcan and encourage recycling
Diversion Rate:
Year Total Recycled (tons) Trash (tons) Diversion Rate
2009 93 80 54%
2010 175 120 59%
2011 182 102 64%
2012 224 115 66%