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Enforcement Annual Results Concluded Cases Map for Fiscal Year 2017

Concluded EPA Enforcement Cases Map

This interactive map shows information on concluded enforcement actions and cases from fiscal year (FY) 2017. They include:

  • civil enforcement actions taken by EPA at facilities,
  • criminal cases prosecuted by EPA under federal statutes and the U.S. Criminal Code, and
  • cases in which EPA provided significant support to cases prosecuted under state criminal laws 
Does not include:
  • state civil cases or civil cases where EPA provide significant support to a state

The indicators on the map generally mark the location of the site or facility where the violations occurred or were discovered.

How to Use the Map

The map displays all FY 2017 EPA enforcement actions. Add or subtract one or more layers (e.g. Air Water, Criminal) from the map by clicking on the “Layers” menu in the gray box beside the map. Check or un-check the box next to the program layer of interest.  

Zoom the map to an exact location. Enter a city and state in the search box, then press the [Enter] key on your keyboard or use the zoom bar in the map's upper left corner. Click on the indicator to get information on the environmental enforcement case.  See "What are the limitations of interactive maps?" for additional information and needs accommodations related to a disability.

Find address or place: Enter city and state. Press [Enter] on your keyboard.

  • Cleanup cases are civil enforcement actions taken under the Superfund program and the RCRA corrective action and leaking underground storage tank programs.
  • Criminal enforcement cases include those prosecuted by EPA under federal statutes, the U.S. Criminal Code (Title 18), and cases in which EPA provided significant support to cases prosecuted under state criminal laws.
  • Federal - Includes federal agencies and contractors at federal facilities.

Civil Enforcement Cases Not Represented on this Map

State City Facility Site Name Primary Law FRS/Program ID Case ID Record
NY Lockport

Heather Woods (Formerly Woodlands Phase II Expansion)

CWA 110055181422 02-2011-0016
NJ Harrison Township

Bella Vista

CWA 110070071727 02-2011-0016
NJ East Greenwich Township

Greenwich Crossing

CWA 110070071730 02-2011-0016
NJ Middleton

Harmony Glen

CWA 110070071731 02-2011-0016
NJ Barnegat Township

High Point

CWA 110070071733 02-2011-0016
NJ Oldmans


CWA 110070071736 02-2011-0016
NJ Sussex County

Rolling Hills

CWA 110070071738 02-2011-0016
NJ Little Egg Harbor

Winding Run

CWA 110070071741 02-2011-0016
NY Town of Clarence

Waterford Commons

CWA 110070071759 02-2011-0016

Country Woods

CWA NJU000907 02-2011-0016
VA Chesapeake

Sunray Artesian Water Supply

SDWA 110012835352 03-2017-0049
MD Chesapeake

Tender Years Child Care

SDWA 110051942412 03-2017-0136
DE Chesapeake

Forest Park

SDWA 110010718606 03-2017-0154
OH Salem

Nease Chemical Site

CERCLA 110069553101 05-2016-1020
OH Westlake Talp, Inc. CWA 110070132334 05-2017-0018
IN Shelbyville Shelby County Cooperative FIFRA 110058779754 05-2017-0040
MN Wabasso Meadowland Farmers Cooperative FIFRA 110064843530 05-2017-0055
MN Holloway Western Consolidated Co-op FIFRA 110070071973 05-2017-0056
IL Tovey Christian County Farmers Supply Co. FIFRA 110038248189 05-2017-0073
WI Germantown Isle of Dogs Corporation FIFRA 110070107417 05-2017-0154
MI Lake Linden Calumet Stampmill CERCLA 110067350627 05-2017-1000
IL Cutler Village of Cutler SDWA 110070044922 05-2017-4608
IL Rantoul Fountain Valley Mobile Home Park SDWA 110070044779 05-2017-4609
IL Meredosia Illinois Road Contractors, Inc. CAA 110070052413 05-2017-7411
MI River Rouge EES Coke Battery, LLC CWA 110070071874 05-2017-7423
MN Brownsville Township CP  Brownsville Derailment CWA 110068583535 05-2017-7432
MI River Rouge EES Coke Battery, LLC CWA 110070071874 05-2017-7434
OK Cromwell Cromwell Station CWA 110045687075 06-2010-4881
TX San Antionio Weatherford Satx Hub RCRA 110054868149 06-2016-0937
TX   RRA Hinds Wildcat Water System SDWA 110012898695 06-2016-1202
NM   Pine River MDCA SDWA 110049069681 06-2016-1227
    Pine River MDCA-Treatment Unit SDWA 110053523415 06-2016-1227
LA Offshore Manila Village Commingling Facility NO. 1 CWA 110064082852 06-2016-4810
LA Offshore Caillou Island Tank Battery NO. 8 Facility CWA 110064068690 06-2016-4817
GM USA Thunder Horse - The Mississippi Canyon 778 RCRA 110070101497 06-2017-0905
GM USA Na Kika - Mississippi Canyon 474 RCRA 110070101498 06-2017-0905
GM USA Mad Dog - Green Canyon 782 RCRA 110070101499 06-2017-0905
GM USA Horn Mountain - Mississippi Canyon 127 RCRA 110070101500 06-2017-0905
GM USA Atlantis - Green Canyon 787 RCRA 110070101501 06-2017-0905
GM USA DD II - Green Canyon 787 RCRA 110070101502 06-2017-0905
GM USA Enterprise - Mississippi Canyon 777 RCRA 110070101503 06-2017-0905
LA New Orleans U.S. Coast Guard Base RCRA 110044921207 06-2017-0949
TX New Orleans Twin Oaks MHP Midland SDWA 110013226749 06-2017-1204
NM New Orleans Oasis State Park SDWA 110050966308 06-2017-1210
NM New Orleans PECOS National Historic Park Visitor CNT SDWA 110051016770 06-2017-1220
TX New Orleans Whitharral WSC SDWA 110013242829 06-2017-1221
TX New Orleans Ellinger Sewer and WSC SDWA 110012930515 06-2017-1223
TX New Orleans City of Opdyke West SDWA 110013242525 06-2017-1225
NM Grants San Meteo Creek Basin Legacy Uranium  CERCLA 110033604188 06-2017-2959
OK Shamrock Shamrock Consolidated Tank Battery CWA 110069723687 06-2017-4303
OK Barnsdall Barnsdall Lact Unit CWA 110069723516 06-2017-4304
OK Konowa NW Allen Thurman Sands Unit CWA 110070028659 06-2017-4310
OK Barnsdall Barnsdall Facility CWA 110070067648 06-2017-4316
OK Skiatook Letteer Estate Tank Battery CWA 110070079910 06-2017-4323
LA Offshore Clovelly Central Facility CWA 110045689938 06-2017-4801
IA Albia Relco Locomotives Inc. RCRA 110024544000 07-2017-0071
KS   Mitchell CO RWD 1 SDWA 110012945929 07-2017-0161
KS Woodbine City of Woodbine SDWA 110013747856 07-2017-0162
KS Elk City City of Elk SDWA 110012942049 07-2017-0223
KS Pittsburg 2nd and Smelter CERCLA 110067352705 07-2017-0467
WY Big Piney Daniels Mobile Home Park SDWA 110010688988 08-2017-0001
CO Kersey 9.4 MI. E of Noble Energy - Wells Ranch USX AE31-99HZ CAA 110046385611 08-2017-0003
CO Kersey 12.2 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Degenhart State  AE16-63HN CAA 110046467612 08-2017-0003
CO Greeley 7.5 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Richter AB 27-65HN CAA 110055575792 08-2017-0003
CO Kersey 7.5 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Wells Ranch USX 35-65HN CAA 110055600666 08-2017-0003
CO Raymer 12.9 MI. N of Noble Energy - Caster PC LA 36-68HN #415833405 CAA 110055600693 08-2017-0003
CO Eaton 9.1 MI. E of Noble Energy- Letterly USX AB23-99HZ CAA 110055608882 08-2017-0003
CO Greeley 10.6 MI. NE of Noble Energy INC. - Wahlert AC33-63HN CAA 110055619941 08-2017-0003
CO Eaton 12.0 MI. E of Noble Energy - Jones T7N-R63W-S6 L01 CAA 110061084348 08-2017-0003
CO Greeley 11.1 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Ramirez AC29-72HN #415832840 CAA 110064518990 08-2017-0003
CO EATON 9.0 MI. E OF Noble Energy - Furrow State USX AB16-62-1HNL + CAA 110064522574 08-2017-0003
CO RAYMER 11.7 MI. NW OF Noble Energy - Timbro LC12-78HN CAA 110064523163 08-2017-0003
CO Eaton 14.8 MI. E of Noble Energy - Ball Ranch AC04-72HN #415839233 CAA 110064523984 08-2017-0003
CO Kersey 10.2 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Wells Ranch USX AA11-67HN CAA 110064528701 08-2017-0003
CO Eaton 14.2 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Kern GW17-78HN #415836851 CAA 110064531868 08-2017-0003
CO Eaton 13.5 MI. E of Noble Energy - Jones AC05-65HN CAA 110064531877 08-2017-0003
CO Kersey 12.3 MI. NE of Noble Energy - Crow Creek Econode CAA 110064535702 08-2017-0003
CO Raymer 8.4 MI. NW of Noble Energy - LC25 Econode CAA 110069327106 08-2017-0003
CO Raymer 9.1 MI. NW of Noble Energy - LC 34 Econode CAA 110069329168 08-2017-0003
WY   Exxon Mobil - Shute Creek Gas Plant CAA 110050854081 08-2017-0024
WY   Lodgepole Housing Water System SDWA 110012924755 08-2017-0026
UT Park City Uintah Mining District CERCLA 110067035470 08-2017-0030
WY   Arlee SDWA 110012922926 08-2017-0031
WY   Devils Tower View SDWA 110050779421 08-2017-0036
WY   Flat Creek RV Park SDWA 110050765294 08-2017-0037
WY   BABB Water System SDWA 110012919574 08-2017-0038
WY   Camp Paintrock SDWA 110050771562 08-2017-0043
WY   Lone Tree Village MHP SDWA 110047029309 08-2017-0045
WY   Ox Yoke Ranch SDWA 110050869182 08-2017-0046
WY   Hall's Glendo Marina SDWA 110050852859 08-2017-0049
WY   Lame Deer Water System SDWA 110012925282 08-2017-0050
WY   Ciricle J Ranch SDWA 110050870036 08-2017-0054
WY   South Pass city Historical Site SDWA 110050788019 08-2017-0061
WY Rawlins City of Rawlins Water Supply  SDWA 110013034260 08-2017-0062
CO Quray Camp Bird Mine CERCLA 110067039047 08-2017-0067
WY   Jackson Hole Campground SDWA 110050870465 08-2017-0078
WY   Grand Teton Park RV Resort SDWA 110050826512 08-2017-0079
WY   Mitch's Cafe SDWA 110050794967 08-2017-0086
WY Etna ETNA Water & Sewer District SDWA 110013032609 08-2017-0092
WY   Red Rock Ranch SDWA 110050771483 08-2017-0094
WY   MHVC Sage CG SDWA 110050819389 08-2017-0095
WY Big Piney Daniels Mobile Home Park SDWA 110010688988 08-2017-0098
WY   Med Bow NF-S Brush CR CG-Upper SDWA 110050571378 08-2017-0100
WY   MED.BOW NF-S Brush CR CG-Lower SDWA 110050571341 08-2017-0101
WY Manville Town of Manville SDWA 110013035349 08-2017-0102
WY   Fort Washakie SDWA 110012927645 08-2017-0103
WY   Flying X Ranch Mobile HM Park   110050578013 08-2017-0123
WY Jackson Snake River Mobile Home Park SDWA 110010675732 08-2017-0124
WY   Uriah Heeps Spring Water System   110012927137 08-2017-0125
UT Whiterocks Whiterocks SDWA 110012927208 08-2017-0126
WY   Teton High Adventure Base SDWA 110050588752 08-2017-0129
WY   Seminoe Boat Club, Inc. SDWA 110050893832 08-2017-0130
WY Cowley Town of Cowley SDWA 110012839508 08-2017-0131
WY   Sleeping Giant Ski Area SDWA 110050765338 08-2017-0132
CA CABAZON Banaire Radium Trailers CERCLA 110055211355 09-2014-2510
AZ PRESCOTT Southwest Forest IND Wood Treatment PLT CERCLA 110013806471 09-2016-2510
AZ FLAGSTAFF Section 9 Lease Aum Site CERCLA 110045521397 09-2017-2501
AZ WINDOW ROCK Aum Navajo Freeport CERCLA 110067352992 09-2017-2506
CA COLUSA J R Simiplot CO FIFRA 110038244539 09-2017-4002
CA TRAVER J R Simiplot Company FIFRA 110058290790 09-2017-4002
CA TERRA BELLA J R Simiplot Company FIFRA 110067095636 09-2017-4002
AZ CAMERON Dzil LIBEI Elmentary School SDWA 110011788002 09-2017-6002