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I have changed my brakes in the past, should I be worried about asbestos exposure?

Because some, but not all, automotive brakes and clutches available or in use today may contain asbestos, professional automotive technicians and home mechanics who repair and replace brakes and clutches can potentially be exposed to asbestos dust.

Does the EPA have money available for homeowners to pay for asbestos testing or asbestos removal?

The EPA does not have funding available to homeowners for asbestos testing or removal.

I found out the cement water pipes leading to my house (business) contain asbestos. What should I do?

If the pipes are damaged they should be properly repaired or replaced by your water utility.

My neighbor is re-siding and re-roofing his house and there is material all over the ground. Do I need to be worried about asbestos exposure?

Not all house siding or roofing materials contain asbestos. If you are concerned the material might contain asbestos, you can ask your neighbor whether or not the material has been tested for asbestos.

Does dry wall or sheet rock contain asbestos?

There is no way to know whether these materials contain asbestos without having them tested.

How do I know if I have asbestos in my home (in floor tile, ceiling tile, shingles, siding, etc.)?

The only way to be sure whether a material contains asbestos is to have it tested by a qualified laboratory.

I'm remodeling my home. Do I need to be concerned about asbestos in the building materials?

It's not possible for you to tell whether a material in your home contains asbestos simply by looking at it. If you suspect a material within your home might contain asbestos (for example floor tile, ceiling tile or old pipe wrap)

Is there still asbestos in automobile brakes?

It is possible that some aftermarket brakes, especially imported brakes, may still contain asbestos.

Where can I find someone to test a material to see if it contains asbestos?

You can perform an internet search for “asbestos inspection and assessment” and the location of your home. Also, make sure that the inspector is properly trained and accredited by your state.