Fed FUNDS for Water and Wastewater Utilities

Know the Basics of Disaster Funding for Drinking Water and Wastewater Utilities

To find the best funding opportunities for your utility, look at program requirements, availability of funds, and eligible uses. Also consider:

Grants, reimbursement, and loans

  • Grants may need matching funds from a state or federal agency
  • Reimbursements fund repair work done by utilities after a disaster
  • Loans often involve low-interest rates

Pre- and post-disaster funding

  • Some programs provide pre-disaster funding (for example, mitigation)
  • Others address repair, replacement, and recovery after a disaster

Funding triggers

  • Some funding is triggered when the President declares a disaster area
  • Other funding is based on annual application deadlines
  • Mitigation can lessen the financial impact on utilities and communities
  • Some programs require utilities to be part of a local mitigation plan

Mitigation funding

  • Consider options to reduce or eliminate losses from future disasters and repetitive damages
  • Review triggers for individual programs