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West Lake Landfill

Site Summary

The West Lake Landfill Superfund Site is located in Bridgeton, Mo. The site consists of several inactive landfills, including the West Lake Landfill and the Bridgeton Landfill. Originally used for agriculture, the land became a limestone quarrying and crushing operation in 1939. Beginning in the early 1950s, portions of the quarried areas and adjacent areas were used to dispose of municipal refuse, industrial solid wastes, and construction/demolition debris. In 1973, around 8,700 tons of leached barium sulfate from the Manhattan Project, a World War II nuclear bomb development program, was mixed with approximately 38,000 tons of soil and used to cover trash being dumped during daily operations.   

In 1990, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency listed the site on the National Priorities List under the Comprehensive Environmental, Response, Compensation and Liability Act of 1980 (Superfund law). The Agency listed the entire 200-acre facility and has since designated multiple Operable Units at the site to manage various areas and environmental media. Operable Unit 1 (OU-1) contains radiologically-impacted material (RIM). Operable Unit 2 (OU-2) does not contain radiological material. Operable Unit 3 (OU-3) will address site-wide groundwater.

The adjacent Bridgeton Landfill, which is a part of OU-2, is part of the Superfund Site, but remains under the regulatory authority and oversight of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

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News and Updates

image of Bridgeton Recreation CenterBridgeton Recreation CenterEPA Announces West Lake Landfill Open House on August 31

EPA has scheduled an Open House event for the West Lake Landfill Superfund Site community from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 31, at the Bridgeton Recreation Center, 4201 Fee Fee Road, Bridgeton, Mo. EPA will provide a brief presentation at 5 p.m., 6 p.m., and 7 p.m., outlining the progress toward a final remedy proposal and recently completed on-site actions. The rest of the time, EPA staff will be available to meet individually with members of the community to discuss site progress and answer questions. EPA has also invited its federal, state, and local partner agencies. During the Open House, EPA and the attending agencies will staff tables or stations where the public can meet with the various experts.

image of Bridgeton City Hall signChange in Dates: EPA Staff Will Return to Local Site Office in Bridgeton City Hall on September 7 and 8

The local site office for the West Lake Landfill Superfund Site will be staffed by EPA personnel from 1 to 5 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 7, and from 9 a.m. to noon on Friday, Sept. 8. The office is located in Bridgeton City Hall, 12355 Natural Bridge Road, Bridgeton, Mo. If you have any questions, please contact Ben Washburn, EPA community involvement coordinator, at 913-551-7364 or washburn.ben@epa.gov.

image of West Lake Update Aug 9, 2017West Lake Update: Progress on Proposed Remedy Decision, and North Quarry Update (PDF)(2 pp, 1.16 MB, 8/9/2017)

The West Lake Landfill Superfund Site is one of EPA’s top priorities in the entire country. The new administration has made a concerted effort to restore Superfund to its rightful place at the center of EPA’s core mission. The West Lake Landfill team remains singularly focused on identifying and proposing a final, permanent remedy that will protect the citizens of Bridgeton and the surrounding communities. more

image of West Lake Fact Sheet-Spanish Village Sampling June 2017Fact Sheet: EPA Sampling Determines No Manhattan Project Waste Found in Spanish Village Homes, Spanish Village Subdivision, Bridgeton, Missouri, June 2017

RESULTS: The results of EPA's residential sampling in the Spanish Village neighborhood of Bridgeton, conducted the week of Dec. 26, 2016, show no Manhattan Project waste was found and no further action under CERCLA is warranted where the sampling was conducted. EPA decided to conduct the sampling late in 2016 after hearing community health concerns about a private lawsuit. more

image of West Lake Fact Sheet-Site Update June 2017Fact Sheet: Site Update, West Lake Landfill Superfund Site, Bridgeton, Missouri, June 2017

NO OFF-SITE HEALTH RISKS: Based on current data, there are no off-site health risks for those living and working around the West Lake Landfill Superfund Site in Bridgeton, Mo. This data includes sampling two homes in the Spanish Village neighborhood, the Bridgeton Municipal Athletic Complex investigation, EPA’s year-long air monitoring effort, and the current air monitoring efforts conducted by the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs). more

image of West Lake General Facts June 2017 web pageWest Lake Landfill - General Facts, June 2017

OVERVIEW: Nearing completion of our final proposed remedy decision - EPA is focused on reaching a final remedy decision that is compliant with the law, based on sound science, and considers the state’s position and key concerns in accordance with the National Contingency Plan.  EPA will continue to hold the Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) accountable for meeting deadlines as the Agency works toward selecting the final proposed remedy. more

image of West Lake Update, April 11, 2017West Lake Landfill Site Progress Update (PDF)(4 pp, 1.89 MB, 4/11/2017)

This edition of the West Lake Update provides an update on the major site activities associated with the West Lake Landfill. 2016 was a year of progress at the West Lake Landfill Superfund Site in Bridgeton, Mo., with more work underway for 2017. Across the site and around the community, EPA completed or oversaw a number of actions. more

image of West Lake Update, Dec. 8, 2016EPA Responds to Homeowner Concerns; Provides Information About Lead-210; Releases Final Radon Report (PDF)(2 pp, 919 K, 12/8/2016)

EPA has announced that it is developing a focused residential sampling plan in Bridgeton, Mo., following alleged contamination in a Spanish Village home. This is part of an ongoing comprehensive... more 

image of West Lake progress update news release - Nov. 22, 2016Progress Update: EPA Developing Focused Residential Sampling Plan, Provides Update for Proposing Remedy at West Lake Landfill(11/22/2016)

EPA announced today that it is developing a focused residential sampling plan in Bridgeton, Mo., following alleged contamination in a Spanish Village home. This is part of an ongoing comprehensive... more

image of West Lake letter to Lewis and DeFeo regarding data request Nov. 17, 2016EPA Letter to Richard S. Lewis of Hausfeld, LLP, and Daniel T. DeFeo of DeFeo & Kolker, LLC, Regarding Request for Data (PDF)(2 pp, 1.32 MB, 11/17/2016)

On Nov. 15, 2016, EPA was provided a copy of a Petition filed by you on behalf of your clients, Michael and Robbin Dailey. This Petition contains certain allegations regarding radioactive contamination at... more

image of West Lake letter re: review of EVOH cover system workplan Nov. 4, 2016.pngEPA Letter Regarding EPA Review of Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH) Cover System Work Plan (PDF)(1 pg, 74 K, 11/4/2016)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reviewed the above-referenced document that was prepared by the Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC. This work plan was submitted to the EPA for review and approval... more

image of West Lake letter approving extension of time request to revise IGI & TMP workplans Nov, 4, 2016.pngEPA Letter Approving Request for Extension of Time to Revise IGI and TMP Work Plans (PDF)(1 pg, 94 K, 11/4/2016)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has received your extension request in order to complete revisions to the Inert Gas Injection (IGI) and Temperature Monitoring Probe (TMP) Work Plans. The extension request, dated November 1, 2016... more

image of West Lake Update, October 27, 2016Air Monitoring Continues in Bridgeton - Part 3 of 3: MDNR Air Monitoring (PDF)(2 pp, 832 K, 10/27/2016)

This is the third installment of a three-part series regarding air quality in the areas surrounding the Bridgeton and West Lake Landfills. Since 2013, both EPA and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) have conducted... more

image of West Lake Update, October 26, 2016Air Monitoring Continues in Bridgeton - Part 2 of 3: EPA Air Monitoring (PDF)(2 pp, 1.69 MB, 10/26/2016)

This is the second installment of a multi-part series of the West Lake Update regarding air quality and air monitoring at the West Lake and Bridgeton Landfills and the surrounding area. Since 2013, both EPA and... more

image of West Lake Update, October 25, 2016Air Monitoring Continues in Bridgeton - Part 1 of 3: Clean Air Act Compliance (PDF)(2 pp, 6.55 MB, 10/25/2016)

This is the first of a three-part series of the West Lake Update that will look at federal and state responsibilities and review some of the major air monitoring and Clean Air Act compliance efforts around the Bridgeton area. more

image of West Lake letter response to 10-19-16 cmts on EVOH cover system workplan Oct. 20, 2016.pngLetter to EPA Regarding Response to 10/19/16 Comments for EVOH Cover System Work Plan (PDF)(128 pp, 19 MB, 10/20/2016)

On behalf of our client, Bridgeton Landfill, LLC (hereafter Bridgeton Landfill), Cornerstone Environmental Group, LLC hereby submits a revised version of the EVOH Cover System Work Plan, North Quarry, Bridgeton Landfill, incorporating the... more

image of West Lake Sediment Sampling page mapAdditional Sediment Sampling Results(9/7/2016)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released the results from the sediment sampling effort June 10, 2016, at the West Lake Landfill. The sediment sampling results did not indicate radiologically impacted material (RIM) at any location, with all results below the definition of RIM... more

image of West Lake SO2 news release - Aug. 31, 2016New Sulfur Dioxide Air Monitors Operational at Bridgeton Landfill(8/31/2016)

In April, EPA reached an agreement with Bridgeton Landfill, LLC, to install and operate two sulfur dioxide ambient air monitors near the Bridgeton Landfill. The agreement requires... more

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image of West Lake Update, August 11, 2016Community Dialogue Meeting Preview (PDF)(1 pg, 710 K, 8/11/2016)

In March of this year, EPA began hosting a series of Community Dialogue meetings in Bridgeton to discuss the remedial options being developed for the West Lake Landfill. The most recent meeting focused on the 2008 Record of Decision and the “cap in place” remedy. The next meeting on August 15... more

image of West Lake letter providing status overview of site remedy evaluation, August 4, 2016EPA Letter Providing Overview of Status of Development to Support EPA's Evaluation of Site Remedy Decision (PDF)(5 pp, 377 K, 8/4/2016)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is providing this letter to provide an overview of the status of various studies' work plans... more

West Lake Update Thumbnail - July 13, 2016Pyrolysis Testing Results Indicate Heating Did Not Increase Radon (PDF)(2 pp, 184 K, 7/13/2016)

EPA Region 7 released results today from laboratory tests that indicate heating radiologically impacted material (RIM)... more

West Lake Landfill - Radon Emanation Coefficient StudyRadon Emanation Coefficient Study (PDF)(2,110 pp, 49.8 MB, 7/13/2016)

Tetra Tech, Inc. is submitting electronically the analytical laboratory report with associated data validation report regarding a study... more