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Natural Gas STAR Program

Methane Challenge Continuous Improvement

Through the Methane Challenge Program, EPA encourages Partners to make ambitious commitments to reduce natural gas (methane) emissions through broad scale implementation of cost-effective technologies and practices. EPA recognizes ongoing advances in technologies and approaches for identifying, measuring, and mitigating methane emissions. To encourage innovation and technological advances, EPA will consider adopting new emission sources and/or Best Management Practices (BMPs) as commitment options under the Methane Challenge Program, as well as revising approaches to track, implement, and report on current commitments. The Methane Challenge Program Continuous Improvement Fact Sheet outlines the process through which such updates will be proposed and evaluated.

Topic Category Proposal Status
Renewable Natural Gas New Commitment Option Renewable Natural Gas Proposal (September 2020) EPA is accepting feedback on the proposal through October 30, 2020.

Equipment Leaks/ Fugitive Emissions Commitment Option for Compressor Isolation and Blowdown Valve Leakage

New Commitment Option Compressor Valves Equipment Leaks Document (July 2020) The proposal has been finalized and EPA is now accepting commitments for this source under the BMP Commitment Option.
Distribution Mains and Services Emission Factors Reporting Methodology Update Mains and Services Proposal (August 2018) Based on comments received, the Program will use Subpart W factors for RY2017.