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Report possible violations of environmental laws and regulations.

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Inquiries specific to groundwater and drinking water can be submitted to a technical specialist through an Ask a Question Form.

EPA Numeric Nutrient Criteria Coordinators

Region Name Number
Region 1 Toby Stover 617-918-1604
Region 2 Izabela Wojtenko 212-637-3814
Region 3 Katherine Bentley 215-814-5762
Region 4 Jamal Cooper
Lydia Mayo

Region 5 Micah Bennett 312-886-7946
Region 6 Forrest John 214-665-8368
Region 7 Steve Schaff 913-551-7447
Region 8 Tina Laidlaw 406-457-5016
Region 9 Matthew Bolt 415-972-3578
Region 10 Rochelle Labiosa 206-553-1172

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