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Office of Inspector General

OIG Reports

Following is a listing of all reports issued by the Office of Inspector General.

Congressionally Requested and Chemical Safety Board Reports

What is the EPA OIG?

The Office of Inspector General is an independent organization that performs audits and investigations of the EPA to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Learn more

Our Audit Reports

The EPA OIG conducts financial and performance audits to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations and programs. Audits identify potential fraud, waste and abuse; assess program compliance and management of agency processes; identify opportunities to improve human health and the environment; and offer recommendations for cost savings and other efficiencies. 

Audits differ from our investigations in that they do not deal with criminal activities and generally look at groups, processes, controls or structures, not individual employees. Also, when initiated, most audits are announced publicly, and upon their conclusion, a final report is posted here on the Reports page.

2020 OIG Reports

Date Title Publication Number Environmental Goal(s) Report Teams
July 31, 2020 EPA OIG's Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic      
July 30, 2020 EPA Needs to Improve Oversight of How States Implement Air Emissions Regulations for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills 20-P-0236 Improving air quality A
July 21, 2020 EPA's FYs 2020–2021 Top Management Challenges 20-N-0231   SP
July 16, 2020 Internal Quality Assurance Review of EPA OIG Audit Assignments Completed in Fiscal Year 2019 20-N-0230    
July 6, 2020 Fiscal Year 2020 U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Management Challenges 20-N-0218 U.S. Chemical Safety Board SP
June 30, 2020 EPA Needs to Improve Oversight of Research Assistance Agreements 20-P-0204 Improving EPA research programs, Operating efficiently and effectively C
June 30, 2020 EPA's Safer Choice Program Would Benefit from Formal Goals and Additional Oversight 20-P-0203 Ensuring the safety of chemicals T
June 29, 2020 EPA’s Initial Implementation of CARES Act Section 3610 20-N-0202   C
June 22, 2020 EPA Needs to Address Internal Control Deficiencies in the Agencywide Quality System 20-P-0200 Operating efficiently and effectively ER
June 17, 2020 Top Pandemic-Related Challenges Facing the EPA      
June 15, 2020 EPA's Office of the Chief Financial Officer Lacks Authority to Make Decisions on Employee-Debt Waiver Requests  20-P-0194 Operating efficiently and effectively FO
May 2020 Semiannual Report to Congress: Oct 1, 2019 – Mar 31, 2020 EPA-350-R-20-001    
June 1, 2020 Fiscal Years 2018 and 2017 Financial Statements for the Pesticides  Reregistration and Expedited Processing Fund  20-F-0184 Operating efficiently and effectively FA
May 28, 2020

EPA Toxic Substances Control Act Consent Orders Need Better Coordination

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20-E-0177 Ensuring the safety of chemicals T
May 20, 2020 Further Efforts Needed to Uphold Scientific Integrity Policy at EPA 20-P-0173 Improving EPA research programs ER
May 18, 2020 EPA Needs to Conduct Risk Assessments When Designing and Implementing Programs   20-P-0170 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
May 14, 2020 EPA Oversight Provided Reasonable Controls to Deter and Minimize Trespassing at the Fort Ord Superfund Site 20-E-0169 Cleaning up and revitalizing land L
May 13, 2020 EPA Complied with Improper Payments Legislation, but Internal Controls Need Substantial Improvement to Ensure More Accurate Reporting  20-P-0167 Compliance with the law C
Apr 22, 2020 EPA's Processing Times for New Source Air Permits in Indian Country Have Improved, but Many Still Exceed Regulatory Time Frames 20-P-0146 Improving air quality A
Apr 14, 2020 Fiscal Years 2018 and 2017 Financial Statements for the Pesticide Registration Fund 20-F-0135 Operating efficiently and effectively FA
Apr 13, 2020 EPA May Have Overpaid for Its $13 Million Time and Attendance System by Not Following Information Technology Investment Requirements 20-P-0134 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
Mar 31, 2020 EPA's Compliance Monitoring Activities, Enforcement Actions, and Enforcement Results Generally Declined from Fiscal Years 2006 Through 2018 20-P-0131 Compliance with the law W
Mar 31, 2020

Management Alert: Prompt Action Needed to Inform Residents  Living Near Ethylene Oxide-Emitting Facilities About Health Concerns  and Actions to Address Those Concerns 

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20-N-0128 Improving air quality A
Mar 31, 2020

EPA Did Not Accurately Report Under the Grants Oversight and New Efficiency Act and Needs to Improve Timeliness of Expired Grant Closeouts

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20-P-0126 Operating efficiently and effectively C
Mar 24, 2020 EPA Needs to Improve Its Risk Management and Incident Response Information Security Functions 20-P-0120 Compliance with the law, Operating efficiently and effectively IRM, OM
Mar 6, 2020 Annual Plan for the EPA and CSB - FY 2020     OM
Feb 18, 2020

Management Controls Needed to Verify and Report Border 2020 Program Accomplishments

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20-P-0083 Partnering with states and other stakeholders, Operating efficiently and effectively T
Feb 12, 2020 CSB's Information Security Program Is Defined, but Improvements Needed in Risk Management, Identity and Access Management, and Incident Response 20-P-0077 U.S. Chemical Safety Board IRM
Jan 23, 2020 U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board's Compliance in Fiscal Year 2019 with Improper Payments Legislation and Guidance 20-N-0064 U.S. Chemical Safety Board EF
Jan 10, 2020 EPA Should Improve Oversight of Mobile Phones 20-P-0068 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
Jan 3, 2020 EPA Can Improve Incident Readiness with Better Management of Homeland Security and Emergency Response Equipment 20-P-0066 Operating efficiently and effectively EF

2019 OIG Reports are available.

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GAGAS and Non-GAGAS Reports

Reports from October 2016 and later marked with a P, F or A in their report number follow GAGAS, Exitofficial examination standards established by the federal government. This sign of quality ensures the integrity, objectivity and independence of our work. 

Reports marked with an N, E, B or S signify the limited “non-GAGAS” work that reflects back on our recent recommendations to highlight the impact of our oversight mission.

Report Type Middle Character (i.e., 20-X-001)
GAGAS-compliant performance audit P
GAGAS-compliant financial statement audit F
GAGAS-compliant attestation audit A
Non-GAGAS or Non-QSIE-compliant report N
QSIE -compliant evaluation E
Internal report B
Single audit report S

Report Teams

  • A - Air 
  • CSB - US Chemical Safety Board 
  • C - Contracts and Assistance Agreement
  • EF - Efficiency
  • FA - Financial
  • FO - Forensic
  • IRM - Information Resources Management
  • L - Land Cleanup and Waste Management
  • OM - Office of Management
  • SP - Special Programs (prev SPR)
  • ER - Environmental Research (prev ERP)
  • T - Toxics, Chemical Management and Pollution Prevention 
  • W - Water

OIG Independence of EPA

The EPA's Office of Inspector General is a part of the EPA, although Congress provides our funding separate from the agency, to ensure our independence. We were created pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended Exit.

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