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Office of Inspector General

OIG Reports

Following is a listing of all reports issued by the Office of Inspector General.

Congressionally Requested and Chemical Safety Board Reports

What is the EPA OIG?

The Office of Inspector General is an independent organization that performs audits and investigations of the EPA to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse. Learn more

Our Audit Reports

The EPA OIG conducts financial and performance audits to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of agency operations and programs. Audits identify potential fraud, waste and abuse; assess program compliance and management of agency processes; identify opportunities to improve human health and the environment; and offer recommendations for cost savings and other efficiencies. 

Audits differ from our investigations in that they do not deal with criminal activities and generally look at groups, processes, controls or structures, not individual employees. Also, when initiated, most audits are announced publicly, and upon their conclusion, a final report is posted here on the Reports page.

2018 OIG Reports

Date Title Publication Number Environmental Goal(s) Report Teams
Oct 4, 2018 OIG Strategic Plan 2019-2023
Sept 28, 2018 Management Alert - EPA's Incident Tracking System Lacks Required  Controls to Protect Personal Information  18-P-0298 Operating efficiently and effectively IRM
Sept 26, 2018

EPA Paid $14.5 Million to Foreign Fellows that Could Have Funded Research by U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

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18-P-0288 Improving EPA research programs C
Sept 25, 2018 Collecting Additional Performance Data from States Would Help EPA Better Assess the Effectiveness of Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Programs 18-P-0283 Improving air quality A
Sept 25, 2018 Measures and Management Controls Needed to Improve EPA's Pesticide Emergency Exemption Process 18-P-0281 Ensuring the safety of chemicals T
Sept 18, 2018

Delayed Cleanup of Asbestos Debris at the Old Davis Hospital Site Necessitates Changes for EPA Region 4 and North Carolina

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18-P-0271 Cleaning up and revitalizing land, Partnering with states and other stakeholders SP
Sept 17, 2018

EPA Needs to Re-Evaluate Its Compliance Monitoring Priorities for Minimizing Asbestos Risks in Schools

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18-P-0270 Compliance with the law, Partnering with states and other stakeholders SP
Sept 12, 2018 Management Alert - EPA Oversight of Employee Debt Waiver Process  Needs Immediate Attention  18-P-0250 Operating efficiently and effectively FO
Sept 5, 2018 EPA Can Strengthen Its Process for Revising Air Quality Dispersion Models that Predict Impact of Pollutant Emissions  18-P-0241 Improving air quality A
Sept 5, 2018 EPA Needs a Comprehensive Vision and Strategy for Citizen Science that Aligns with Its Strategic Objectives on Public Participation 18-P-0240 Improving EPA research programs ER
Sept 4, 2018

EPA Asserts Statutory Law Enforcement Authority to Protect Its Administrator but Lacks Procedures to Assess Threats and Identify the Proper Level of Protection 

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18-P-0239 Operating efficiently and effectively FO
Aug 30, 2018 EPA's June 2018 Issuance of the Delayed Notice of Availability of Farm Worker Protection Training Materials Will Reduce Risks of Injury and Illness 18-P-0238 Ensuring the safety of chemicals T
Aug 28, 2018 Without a Process for Monitoring Sensitive Data, EPA Region 4 Risks Unauthorized Access to File Servers and Share Folders  18-P-0234 Compliance with the law, Operating efficiently and effectively IRM
Aug 22, 2018 EPA Needs to Finish Prioritization and Resource Allocation Methodologies for Abandoned Uranium Mine Sites on or Near Navajo Lands 18-P-0233 Cleaning up and revitalizing land L
Aug 20, 2018 EPA's Purchase Card and Convenience Check Program Controls Are Not Effective for Preventing Improper Purchases  18-P-0232 Operating efficiently and effectively C
Aug 16, 2018

Without E-Invoicing and Stronger Payment Process Controls, EPA Is Placing $1.2 Billion at Risk Annually

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18-P-0231 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
Aug 6, 2018 OIG Office of Investigations' Records Demonstrate Compliance with Law Enforcement Availability Pay Requirements 18-B-0228   FO
July 31, 2018 Incomplete Oversight of State Hazardous Waste Rule Authorization Creates Regulatory Gaps and Human Health and Environmental Risks 18-P-0227 Partnering with states and other stakeholders L
July 27, 2018  EPA’s Chemical Data Reporting Rule Largely Implemented as Intended, but Opportunities for Improvement Exist  18-P-0226  Ensuring the safety of chemicals, Compliance with the law  T
July 20, 2018 EPA Completed OIG Recommendations for the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Awards Program but Lacks Controls over Use of Unverified Results 18-P-0222 Operating efficiently and effectively SP
July 19, 2018

Management Weaknesses Delayed Response to Flint Water Crisis

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18-P-0221 Ensuring the safety of chemicals, Compliance with the law W
July 12, 2018 EPA Complied with the Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards No. 47 and Treasury Financial Manual, Part 2, Chapter 4700 18-P-0220 Compliance with the law FA
July 9, 2018 Quality Assurance Review of EPA OIG Reports Issued in Fiscal Year 2017 18-N-0219    
July 3, 2018 CSB Purchase Card Program at Low Risk for Unauthorized Purchases 18-P-0218 U.S. Chemical Safety Board EF
June 21, 2018

Management Alert - To Minimize Risk of Environmental Harm, the Security Categorization of Electronic Manifest System Data Needs to Be Re-Evaluated

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18-P-0217 Ensuring clean and safe water IRM
June 15, 2018 Annual Plan for the EPA and CSB - FY 2018 (updated with the 2nd Half of FY 2018)     OM
June 4, 2018 Fiscal Year 2018 U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board Management Challenges 18-N-0208 U.S. Chemical Safety Board EF
May 31, 2018 Operational Efficiencies of EPA's Human Resources Shared Service Centers Not Measured 18-P-0207 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
May 30, 2018 Atlanta Is Largely in Compliance with Its Combined Sewer Overflow Consent Decree, but Has Not Yet Met All Requirements 18-P-0206 Ensuring clean and safe water W
May 29, 2018 Semiannual Report to Congress: Oct 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018 EPA-350-R-18-001    
May 15, 2018

EPA Did Not Identify Volkswagen Emissions Cheating; Enhanced Controls Now Provide Reasonable Assurance of Fraud Detection

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18-P-0181 Improving air quality, Compliance with the law ER
May 9, 2018 EPA Region 5 Needs to Better Protect Information Technology Property, and Areas for Agencywide Improvement Exist 18-P-0176 Operating efficiently and effectively EF
May 9, 2018 CSB Complied With Improper Payments Legislation Requirements for Fiscal Year 2017 18-P-0175 U.S. Chemical Safety Board EF
May 8, 2018 EPA's Fiscal Year 2018 Management Challenges 18-N-0174    
Apr 16, 2018 Management Alert: Salary Increases for Certain Administratively Determined Positions 18-N-0154 Operating efficiently and effectively FO
Apr 16, 2018 EPA Complied With Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act Requirements 18-P-0153 Compliance with the law C
Apr 9, 2018 EPA's Safe and Sustainable Water Resources Research Program Is Delivering Timely and Relevant Data to the Office of Water 18-P-0151 Ensuring clean and safe water, Improving EPA research programs ER
Mar 16, 2018 EPA Did Not Use Allegedly Flawed Studies to Estimate Methane Emissions or Set New Source Performance Standards for Oil and Natural Gas Production 18-P-0129 Improving air quality A
Feb 28, 2018 Differences in Processing Practices Could Decrease the Reliability of Ozone Data Used for Assessing Air Quality to Protect Public Health 18-P-0105 Improving air quality A
Feb 20, 2018

EPA Can Achieve Better Value by Complying With Performance-Based Contract Requirements

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18-P-0089 Operating efficiently and effectively C
Feb 15, 2018 EPA Needs to Evaluate the Impact of the Revised Agricultural Worker Protection Standard on Pesticide Exposure Incidents 18-P-0080 Ensuring the safety of chemicals, Compliance with the law T
Feb 13, 2018 EPA Can Better Manage State Pesticide Cooperative Agreements to More Effectively Use Funds and Reduce Risk of Pesticide Misuse 18-P-0079 Ensuring the safety of chemicals T
Jan 24, 2018 Follow-Up Review - EPA Completed OIG Recommendations for Superfund Site in Libby, Montana 18-P-0074 Cleaning up and revitalizing land SP
Jan 18, 2018

EPA Has Not Reported to Congress on BEACH Act Progress as Statutorily Required or Fully Documented Budget Decisions  

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18-P-0071 Ensuring clean and safe water, Compliance with the law W
Jan 12, 2018 Inconsistencies With EPA Policy Identified in Region 10's Biweekly Pay Cap Waiver Process 18-P-0068 Compliance with the law, Operating efficiently and effectively FO

2017 OIG Reports are available.

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GAGAS and Non-GAGAS Reports

Reports from October 2016 and later marked with a P, F or A in their report number follow GAGAS, Exitofficial examination standards established by the federal government. This sign of quality ensures the integrity, objectivity and independence of our work. 

Reports marked with an N signify the limited “non-GAGAS” work that reflects back on our recent recommendations to highlight the impact of our oversight mission.

Report Type Middle Character (i.e., 17-X-001)
GAGAS-compliant reports P, F, A
Non-GAGAS-compliant reports N

Report Teams

  • A - Air 
  • CSB - US Chemical Safety Board 
  • C - Contracts and Assistance Agreement
  • EF - Efficiency
  • FA - Financial
  • FO - Forensic
  • IRM - Information Resources Management
  • L - Land Cleanup and Waste Management
  • OM - Office of Management
  • SP - Special Programs (prev SPR)
  • ER - Environmental Research (prev ERP)
  • T - Toxics, Chemical Management and Pollution Prevention 
  • W - Water

OIG Independence of EPA

The EPA's Office of Inspector General is a part of the EPA, although Congress provides our funding separate from the agency, to ensure our independence. We were created pursuant to the Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended Exit.

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