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Biography of Alesia Ferguson

Dr. Alesia Ferguson received a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from Stanford University.  Her main research work focuses on exposure assessment for children and adults to various contaminants (e.g., pesticides, dioxins, lead, hairstyling products) through videotaping/video translation methods, numerical modeling, and adherence chamber studies. She is currently working on children exposures to oil spill chemicals in the Gulf of Mexico. She has also focused on education and outreach to various communities concerning contaminants found in and around the home environment. With certifications as a Healthy Home Specialist and EPA Lead Trainer under the Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule, Dr. Ferguson is focused on preventing adverse exposures in the home and in and around other environments. She has taught courses or lectures around environmental and occupational health including Environmental Public Policy, Environmental and Occupational Hazards Control, Human Exposure Assessment, Biological Hazards, Built Environment, Environmental and Occupational Regulations, and Industrial Hygiene.