Pesticide Registration

Data Requirements Checklist

EPA staff use checklists for the 21-day initial content review for pesticide applications to determine whether all the necessary data (studies) have been submitted. We are providing the checklists to help registrants and pesticide registration applicants pass this review.

Applicants must submit the necessary forms and study reports and are strongly encouraged to submit electronically study summaries following the guidance on Study Profiles Templates

DO NOT submit the checklists with your application.

Checklists are available for conventional, antimicrobial and certain biopesticide product registration applications and applications to amend an antimicrobial label. A complete description of each type of application is available on the PRIA 3 Fee Table and by accessing the links shown below. Access to the test guidelines or a description of a study is available within a checklist by “clicking” on a guideline number. As additional checklists are developed, they will be posted to this webpage.You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA’s About PDF page to learn more.

PRIA Action Codes

Contact the registration Ombudsman for questions related to applications.