Pesticide Surface and Ground Water Models

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Surface Water Models

SWCC (Surface Water Concentration Calculator)

The Surface Water Concentration Calculator (SWCC) estimates pesticide concentrations in water bodies that result from pesticide applications to land. The SWCC is designed to simulate the environmental concentration of a pesticide in the water column and sediment and is used for regulatory purposes by the USEPA Office of Pesticide Programs (OPP). The SWCC uses PRZM version 5.0+ (PRZM5) and the Variable Volume Water Body Model (VVWM), replacing the older PE5 shell (last updated November 2006), which used PRZM3 (Carousel et al., 2005) and EXAMS (Burns, 2003). This updated model will improve users' interactions with the program and facilitate maintenance and operation of the software.

Executable Installation
SWCC Executable (SWCC.msi)(1 pp, 2 MB)

Source Code
PRZM5 ( pp, 63 K)
VVWM ( pp, 31 K)

Crop Scenarios
SWCC Crop Scenarios ( pg, 69 K)

Surface Water Concentration Calculator User Manual (PDF) (21 pp, 168 K, About PDF 12June2014, USEPA/OPP 734F14001)
PRZM5 A Model for Predicting Pesticide in Runoff, Erosion, and Leachate: User Manual (PDF) (55 pp, 684 K, About PDF 01July2014, USEPA/OPP 734F14002)
The Variable Volume Water Model (PDF) (38 pp, 227 K, About PDF) 12June2014, USEPA/OPP 734F14003)

FIRST (FQPA Index Reservoir Screening Tool)

FIRST is a surface water model that is used to assess exposure to pesticides in drinking water.

FIRST Version 1.0

FIRST Version 1.0 Executable (EXE)(1 pp, 74 K)
FIRST Version 1.0 Source Code (Fortran 77)(1 pp, 46 K) Delete the _.txt to use the file as first.for
Users Manual 

FIRST Version 1.1.1

FIRST Version 1.1.1 Executable (EXE)(1 pp, 590 K)
FIRST Version 1.1.1 Source Code (Fortran 77)(1 pg, 46 K) Delete the _.txt to use the file as first_version1_1_1.for
Users Manual 
Release Notes for FIRST Models 

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Ground Water Models


PRZM-GW (Pesticide Root Zone Model for GroundWater) is used as a screening-level and refined tool for risk assessment purposes. In general, PRZM-GW provides conservative estimates of pesticide concentrations in groundwater, but it also allows for region specific scenario development in cases where refined drinking water assessments are needed.

PRZM-GW Version 1.07 Executable (PRZMGW.msi)(1 pp, 2 MB)

Implementation of the Pesticide Root Zone Model Groundwater (PRZM-GW) for Use in EPA’s Pesticide Exposure Assessments 
Standard Operating Procedure for Using PRZM-GW to Estimate Pesticide Concentrations in Groundwater for Drinking Water Exposure Assessments 
Guidance for Selecting Input Parameters for Modeling Pesticide Concentrations in Groundwater Using the Pesticide Root Zone Model - Version 1.0
Model and Scenario Development Guidance for Estimating Pesticide Concentrations in Groundwater Using the Pesticide Root Zone Model 
PRZM-GW Version 1.07 - Scenarios (ZIP)(1 pp, 105 K)
DRAFT Final Report. Identification and Evaluation of Existing Models for Estimating Environmental Pesticide Transport to Groundwater. A North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Project.

SCIGROW (Screening Concentration In GROund Water)

SCIGROW is an aquatic model used to estimate pesticide concentrations in ground water.

SCI-GROW Executable sg23.exe (1 pg, 344 K)
SCI-GROW Source Code (scigrow.f90.txt) (1 pp, 4 K) (Fortran 90) Delete the .txt extension to use the file as scigrow.f90
User's Manual for Version 2.3 is under development 

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Other Models

EXPRESS (EXAMS - PRZM Exposure Simulation Shell)

EXPRESS is designed to facilitate a rapid and consistent assessment of aquatic pesticide exposure on a variety of crops. EXPRESS is a joint project of the USEPA Office of Pesticide Programs' Environmental Fate and Effects Division (OPP/EFED) and the USEPA Office of Research and Development (ORD). View EXPRESS (EXAMS - PRZM Exposure Simulation Shell).

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