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Directory of Builders Using Radon-Resistant New Construction (RRNC)

EPA offers the Directory of Builders as a one-stop service to home buyers who are looking for builders that use radon-resistant construction techniques in new homes. The Directory contains the names of builders using RRNC who have voluntarily registered with EPA.

EPA encourages all builders that use the recommended radon-resistant techniques to be listed in the Directory.

(The Directory was last updated on May 4, 2016.)

Once you choose a builder, your builder should provide a checklist of RRNC features. Consumers who prefer a third-party or builder verification can look for homes certified or labeled under the following programs that incorporate RRNC techniques.

You can also hire a radon professional to do an inspection of a new home you may be considering purchasing to assess its radon levels. Find certified professionals listed with the National Radon Safety Board, American Association of Radon Scientists & Technologists, Inc. and National Radon Proficiency ProgramExit

Please Note: EPA does not endorse, promote, or support any individual enterprise, product or service. The information on the Directory pages was provided by individual builders and has not been verified by EPA.

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State Name Contact
Alaska (AK) Triple M, LLC (907) 283-4732
Alabama (AL) Habitat For Humanity Athens/Limestone County (256) 230-6001
Alabama (AL) Metro Contractors (205) 871-8760
Arkansas (AR) Radon Systems 4U, LLC (417) 844-0942
California (CA) Enright Construction (760) 937-2287
California (CA) Wood Ridge Construction (775) 250-1406
Colorado (CO) Air Radon (303) 903-5077
Colorado (CO) American Radon, LLC (720) 465-1495
Colorado (CO) Coast to Coast Development (303) 554-1567
Colorado (CO) Colorado Signature Home, Inc. (719) 676-4321
Colorado (CO) Drennen Custom Contracting (970) 482-9100
Colorado (CO) ecoLogic (720) 864-9400
Colorado (CO) Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation, Inc. (970) 416-0196
Connecticut (CT) Timberdale Homes, LLC (203) 912-3616
Connecticut (CT) Valentine Builders, LLC (860) 205-7880
Georgia (GA) Davidson Signature Properties, Inc. (770) 527-2444
Georgia (GA) Eric Edwards Construction, LLC (706) 764-2660
Georgia (GA) Maynard Construction (770) 639-9491
Iowa (IA) Dave Dawson Homes (816) 697-2090
Iowa (IA) Rathert Construction, Inc. (515) 292-2158
Idaho (ID) EcoBuild Design-Build/Construction Management (208) 362-4563
Idaho (ID) Flynner Homes and Renovations (208) 867-4587
Idaho (ID) Wellard Constructors, Inc. (208) 756-7117
Illinois (IL) McCanse Builders, Inc. (815) 985-1583
Indiana (IN) Advanced Radiation Monitoring Service, Inc. (A.R.M.S.) (269) 668-5246
Indiana (IN) Loren Wood Builders, LLC (812) 345-3801
Kansas (KS) Dave Dawson Homes (816) 697-2090
Kansas (KS) Radon Systems 4U, LLC (417) 844-0942
Kansas (KS) Schultz Construction (785) 539-9599
Kentucky (KY) Louisville Roofing and Remodeling (502) 365-9956
Kentucky (KY) Louisville Roofing and Siding (502) 416-1707
Kentucky (KY) Spille Builders & Developers (859) 393-6323
Maine (ME) Chamberlain Homes (207) 282-7377 x103
Maine (ME) Greg Fitzpatrick, Inc. (207) 841-0149
Maine (ME) Maine Coast Construction (207) 236-6000 x103
Maryland (MD) Chadsworth Homes, Inc. (301) 315-8038
Maryland (MD) Professional Choice, Inc. (443) 520-5973
Massachusetts (MA) Wright Builders, Inc. (413) 586-8287 x105
Michigan (MI) Advanced Radiation Monitoring Service, Inc. (A.R.M.S.) (269) 668-5246
Minnesota (MN) Applied Energy Innovations (612) 532-0384
Minnesota (MN) Amaris Custom Homes (651) 426-0584
Minnesota (MN) Cocoon Building (612) 871-3100
Minnesota (MN) Cornerstones Specialties (701) 729-9991
Minnesota (MN) Kappes Construction, Inc. (952) 797-4637
Minnesota (MN) Majestic Custom Construction, Inc. (763) 241-8411
Minnesota (MN) Nordenstrom Custom Homes, Inc. (320) 360-5807
Minnesota (MN) Northland Construction, Inc. (218) 765-4015
Missouri (MO) Dave Dawson Homes (816) 697-2090
Missouri (MO) Radon Systems 4U, LLC (417) 844-0942
Montana (MT) Arnold Construction (406) 431-4077
Montana (MT) Blueridge Homes, Inc. (408) 580-7906
Montana (MT) Thelen Custom Home Builders (406) 253-1109
Montana (MT) Wellard Constructors, Inc. (208) 756-7117
North Carolina (NC) Avalon Homes LLC (336) 288-2828
North Carolina (NC) Belvedere Homes, LLC (919) 949-2005
North Carolina (NC) Covenant Construction Ind, Inc. 828-479-2204
North Carolina (NC) Custom Build & Realty, LLC (828) 891-5850
North Carolina (NC) Great Smoky Mountains Builders (828) 743-6624
North Carolina (NC) Ideal Home Builders (800) 956-5699
North Carolina (NC) Spain Construction, Inc. (704) 554-0041
North Dakota (ND) Boulder Homes LLC (701) 400-5554
North Dakota (ND) Cornerstones Specialties (701) 729-9991
North Dakota (ND) Fiske Construction, LLP (701) 238-7635
North Dakota (ND) Mitzel Homes (701) 224-8083
North Dakota (ND) Nordenstrom Custom Homes, Inc. (320) 360-5807
North Dakota (ND) TK Homes, Inc. (701) 751-3131
North Dakota (ND) Vance Vetter Homes (701) 751-8218
North Dakota (ND) Wellard Constructors, Inc. (208) 756-7117
Nebraska (NE) Wellard Constructors, Inc. (208) 756-7117
Nebraska (NE) Charles Thomas Homes (402) 306-0065
Nebraska (NE) Dave Dawson Homes (816) 697-2090
New York (NY) Alpine Environmental Services, Inc. (518) 453-0146 x303
New York (NY) Bruno's Building and Remodeling, Inc. (716) 773-1422
New York (NY) Cayuga Country Homes (607) 275-5316
New York (NY) R.A. Jump Construction, Inc. (607) 273-6777
Nevada (NV) Cupolex Building Systems, LLC (905) 669-8190 x224
Nevada (NV) Wellard Constructors, Inc. (208) 756-7117
Nevada (NV) Wood Ridge Construction (775) 250-1406
Ohio (OH) GreenTech Construction (740) 549-1774
Ohio (OH) Prete Builders, Inc. (440) 967-8665
Ohio (OH) Rockford Homes (614) 785-0015
Ohio (OH) Sovereign Homes (614) 457-7230 x13
Ohio (OH) Trinity Homes (614) 898-7200
Oklahoma (OK) Dave Dawson Homes (816) 697-2090
Oklahoma (OK) Radon Systems 4U, LLC (417) 844-0942
Oregon (OR) Cascade Radon, Inc. (503) 421-4813
Oregon (OR) Inspections Unlimited (503) 581- 5855
Oregon (OR) Perfection Inspection, Inc. (503) 508-4321
Oregon (OR) Weigel Homes, Inc. (503) 932-0228
Pennsylvania (PA) Hetrick Construction (717) 732-4601
South Carolina (SC) Addison Homes (864) 848-2667
South Carolina (SC) The Arnold Corp. (864) 882-6068
South Carolina (SC) Bunn Construction & Landscaping, LLC (864) 638-2784
South Carolina (SC) Construction Optimization, LLC (864) 616-4467
South Dakota (SD) Fairway Homes, LLC (605) 892-8156
Tennessee (TN) Davidson Concrete (931) 581-1478
Tennessee (TN) Maynard Construction (770) 639-9491
Texas (TX) Acadian Properties, LLC (512) 589-3523
Texas (TX) River Hills Custom Homes (210) 379-2374
Vermont (VT) The Finishing Company, LLC (802) 355-0992
Virginia (VA) Chadsworth Homes, Inc. (301) 315-8038
Virginia (VA) Cedar Creek Custom Homes, Inc. (540) 289-5315
Virginia (VA) Herr & Co. Building Contractors Inc. (540) 820-4149
Virginia (VA) Sustainable Solutions of Virginia, Inc. (540) 433-8001
Virginia (VA) Ideal Home Builders (800) 956-5699
Washington (WA) Cascade Radon, Inc. (503) 421-4813
Wisconsin (WI) Gitter Construction, Inc. (262) 388-3804
Wyoming (WY) Radon Home Measurement and Mitigation, Inc. (970) 416-0196

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