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EPA Tools and Resources Webinar: Public Health Impact of Wildfire Smoke Emissions

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Wednesday 06/21/2017 3:00PM to 4:00PM EDT
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If you are unable to listen through your computer speakers, please dial: 1-866-299-3188. Access Code: 202-564-6669. Please note, telephone lines are limited and muted during the webinar. 

Specific strategies to reduce smoke exposure and the Smoke Sense App

As the start of the summer wildfire season approaches, public officials, communities and individuals need up-to-date wildfire smoke health guidance to protect against related health risks. The 2016 (2017 final version available this fall) Wildfire Smoke: Guide for Public Health Officials serves as an easy-to-use source of information that outlines whose health is most affected by wildfire smoke, how to reduce exposure to smoke, what public health actions are recommended, and how to communicate air quality to the public. This webinar presented by Wayne Cascio, M.D. will highlight updates to the Wildfire Smoke Guide, as well as the Smoke Sense app, which is a mobile application that gets air quality information to people impacted by wildfire smoke, and helps those affected learn ways to protect their health from smoke exposure. The app will be used in a study to determine effective health risk communications strategies to educate people impacted by wildfire smoke. This webinar will also discuss issues related to community vulnerability for health impacts from wildland fire, and it will provide updates on the Continuing Medical Education Course regarding Air Pollution and Your Patient’s Health that will be hosted by CDC, providing continuing medical education credit.

Who should attend: State environmental and health agencies, tribes, local governments, communities, stakeholders and others interested in learning about steps to reduce health effects from wildfire smoke emissions.

Please contact Lisa Matthews (matthews.lisa@epa.gov) for more information or Amy Scheuer (scheuer.amy@epa.gov) with registration questions.


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